image I had an op/ed published at Fox News today addressing the Republican leadership shift away from social issues like defending traditional marriage and abortion.

“It’s the social issues, stupid.” With the growing list of Republican leaders wanting to throw social conservatism under the bus, I must harken back to the affinity of President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign catch phrase. Okay, I know that the line then was, "It’s the economy, stupid." And it’s still easy to think about that when, by nature we tend to think with our wallets.

Today, it’s also easy to believe that issues like abortion and marriage are on the periphery in light of longer unemployment lines, an exploding national debt and Obamacare.

To think economic issues should be a major campaign theme is understandable, but to fly the white flag of surrender is quite another. It is nonsensical to declare a truce on social issues when so much is at stake, and we have a strong upper hand.

Be sure to read the rest.

  1. Excellent article, Shane. Unfortunately, the tone of the responses in the comments section are indicative of Republican leadership’s (as well as party moderates) attitude toward the social issues. If they continue to minimize the social conservatives, they will lose their support and suffer the consequences.

  2. Very, Very good article Shane! You have hit on what I think is the basic difference between RINOs and tea party followers; “political” correctness. It’s OK, good, to be “correct.” But most pure politicians get caught up in being “politally” correct, i.e. you don’t do anything according whether or not it’s “good,” you do it according to whether or not you think it will get you votes. Doesn’t matter whether or not it has any moral or social value or not, just as long as it will get you elected. As you so politely pointed out though, our form of government under the constitution will not work unless what we are about politically is morally, spiritually, socially “correct.” If not, then government, politics becomes nothing more than a business at best, and a den of mafia types at worst. We have definitely drifted toward the latter, and the grass roots call which is louder than any other call in todays atmosphere is that we need to, we must get back to the social issues. We can address the economical, foriegn affairs, military issues; but what MUST be addressed is the soul and heart of America. That is where our problem lies.

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