imageBecause you’ll be denied your right to vote as one tea party member was denied her right to vote in Texas:

A Texas woman was denied the right to vote on Monday because she was wearing a button bearing a Gadsden flag — the rattlesnake over the words “Don’t Tread on Me” that has become the unofficial image of the Tea Party.

Katrina Pierson, who sits on the steering committee of the Dallas Tea Party and is also involved with the Garland Tea Party, told The Daily Caller that “around 11 o’clock yesterday,” a Garland Tea Party member, reported that she was told by an election official that she could not vote unless she removed her button. A second election official, Pierson said, did not recognize the button and did not understand why the other official was not permitting the woman to vote.

According to Pierson, the woman refused to remove her button, saying it was a violation of her first amendment rights, and called the sheriff’s office. The sheriff passed the matter on to the Dallas County Election Department, which failed to act.

Since it isn’t an official symbol of the GOP or a candidate, and is in fact a historical symbol can that really be considered electioneering?  Will people wearing the Gadsden Flag symbols likely be voting GOP, probably but as AllahPundit at Hot Air points out it’s safe to assume that people wearing sickle and hammer symbols are likely voting Democrat.

And I personally wouldn’t have a problem with them wearing that to the polls either.  I don’t think you shed your First Amendment rights when you enter a polling place do you?  While we don’t want to be accosted by candidates and candidate supporters when going to the polls I don’t think somebody wearing a Gadsden flag or a Che t-shirt hinders our ability to vote.

People standing outside with nightsticks might, but I know that’s not worth looking into.

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