Who ought to decide whether two men or two women can marry each other in Iowa?  Even Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin make conflicting statements over 1) Where jurisdiction lies on the issue of marriage and 2) What should be done about it.   These are actually two different questions.

When people say the Iowa Supreme Court has stepped out of its jurisdiction and the people should get to decide the question instead, they are only half right.  Indeed, no court has a right to re-define marriage.  But neither do the people have such a right.

Though a large number of states have held referendum votes on the issue of marriage in recent years, not a single one has voted to overturn Biblical marriage.  Not one.  So one could argue referendums or initiatives are the best way to decide this.  But what happens when the first state votes for “gay marriage”?  Then will you say it was good for the people to decide?  Will you shrug your shoulders and say “Oh well, the people decided”?  Would you seriously argue that no court could strike down such a decision by the people?  Or that the legislators should let the people’s decision stand?  If a courageous U.S. president issued an executive order striking down all state laws allowing such a thing, would you not applaud that president?

The point in this is that no one has the right to “change” what God has ordained: Not the people, not the judges, not the legislators, not the Obama White House.  Nobody.

So do we just throw our hands up in the air and give up?  Do we throw in the towel?  No, of course not.  Quite the opposite is true.  Just as no one has the right to engage in mischief by decree, every one of us ought to use all the power within our means to thwart the efforts to destroy our nation and incur God’s Judgment.

We should certainly oust the Justices who gave us these diabolical laws in Iowa and around the country. We should join Bob Vander Plaats and vote “no” on retention.  In other states, impeach unjust judges.  Replace legislators and governors who won’t stand firm against this onslaught of evil.  Petition.  Vote.  Protest.

Each one of these truths applies not only to marriage, but to the protection of unborn children. Ron Paul and Glenn Beck are both wrong: Some things transcend the Constitution.  The attacks on marriage and the murder of unborn children draw lines in the sand we dare not cross over.

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