image By Rev. Cary K. Gordon

The American Constitution and Bill of Rights were documents written by our founders to clearly elucidate the settled boundaries intelligently designed and clearly expressed to LIMIT the scope and reach of the government, for themselves and all future generations to come. They knew that men could only be free if government was restricted.

How refreshing! A generation that thought of someone OTHER than themselves! It read: "We the people of the United States, in order to…secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves AND our posterity [future generations] do ordain and establish this Constitution…"  They, unlike approximately 51% of modern Americans, took care to pass on a rich legacy that has now blessed every living soul so fortunate to live on our soil. In contrast, modern Americans (I affectionately refer to as our "de-constructionists") are on the cusp of passing on the most extraordinary debt imaginable to future generations…a new form of indentured servitude guaranteed to keep our great grandchildren under the thumb of their pre-ordained master lender…communist China.

The founders correctly believed that when the people feared their government there was tyranny, and when the government feared the people there was liberty. It would be an understatement to say that, based upon the recent passage of the “health-scare” bill; the current American government is noticeably UNAFRAID of us all.

Allow me to offer a few examples clearly exhibiting instances of congressional and/or judicial tyranny, where a supermajority of Americans are either brazenly ignored by their representatives in Washington D.C., or issued a "Caesar-like edict" by the judicial oligarchy, who seem, at times, to believe they are superior to the very Constitution that enables their existence:

1) In a scientific Gallup poll, it was revealed that a whopping 91% of Americans (amazing, even breathtaking bi-partisan agreement among our citizens) supported protecting the traditional phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Yet, when it came time for Congress to vote on the "Pledge Protection Act" (HR2389), only 60% of the House even bothered to cast a vote. More alarmingly, while 98% of Republicans supported the bill, a mere 19% of Democrats voted in line with their  own  constituents. Outrageous!

2) In another polling, an impressive 66% of citizens expressed unwavering opposition to the sudden invention and introduction of the sociological experimentation labeled "gay marriage." (Even more important to note, 31 states have now solidly denied counterfeit marriage at EVERY constitutional opportunity…Iowa notwithstanding, awaiting her own lawful opportunity to correct a rogue court enabled by representative impotence.) Yet, when it came time to vote, the alleged "representatives" of this bi-partisan majority revealed something quite different than the will of "we the people." The Federal Marriage Amendment was supported by only 87% of House Republicans and a miniscule 16% of House Democrats.

3) When the American people were polled in order to assess their opinion of the infamous "Death Tax", an overwhelming 68% of the American people said that "double-taxation", "legalized inheritance theft", the "death tax" or "wealth re-distribution" by any other name, should be killed (pardon the pun). Yet, when the "Estate Tax Repeal Act" (HR8) came to a vote in the House, 96% of Republicans voted to repeal it, with only an embarrassing 9% of Democrats willing to represent the will of their own constituents! WOW! What a RECORD! If Dr. Phil had been able to offer therapy to Democrat constituents at that time, he might well have asked, "How does that make you feeeeeeeel?"

So when Scott Brown handily defeated Martha Coakley, the woman who assumed the legacy of America’s far-left icon, the late Ted Kennedy, it may have been the first unmistakable sign the American people – long asleep at the wheel of true Americanism – have begun to awaken. With a conservative win in a state boasting 37 percent registered as Democrats and a scant 12 percent as Republicans, you would think it would take hubris beyond the reaches of outer space to miss the message. I’ll refrain from judgment on whether or not such congressional hubris pervades, using Nancy Pelosi’s next media appearance as a political weather-vane. Is she blowing in the direction of Pollyanna, or Cruella de Ville?

At the very least, Scott Brown’s election demonstrated one lone act of “limiting” an otherwise “unlimited” administration. Conservatives should celebrate, but they should celebrate with caution, for until the day conservatism is re-established as the only true cure for “ideological narcolepsy” (a distracted public that tends to wake up just long enough to contradict their last position)…the fight remains long from over. Will congressional goons continue to insist “Americans want socialized medicine!”? If they do, I predict American voters will stay awake long enough to help Obama follow in the steps of his predecessor, Jimmy Carter…another one-term, liberal president.

Rev. Cary K. Gordon is a pastor at Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City, IA and President of PeaceMakers Institute.  Rev. Gordon also serves on the advisory board for American Principles Project’s Preserve Innocence Initiative in Iowa.

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