Vander Hart: The Bill of Rights Is Not Above Any Governor’s Pay Grade

Shane Vander Hart: Contrasting N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy’s and S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem’s response to COVID-19 it’s clear he does not understand his job, she does.

Rand Paul in Iowa: Defend Entire Bill of Rights

Rand Paul: “The Republican party can win again by emboldening our message, not diluting it. We must stand steadfast in defending the entire Bill or Rights.”

American Exceptionalism

The pillars of American Exceptionalism, many enshrined in the Bill of Rights, must be restored to their former beauty.

Guns, History and Evil

Looking at history and at our sin nature it is evident that those who try to control guns in order to prevent violence will only create victims.

The Dueling Definitions of “Limited Government” (Part I)

By Rev. Cary K. Gordon The American Constitution and Bill of Rights…

Burning Things is a Bad Idea

I tend to think that burning things is a bad idea. So…

A Liberty Tea Conservation About The Constitution with Brenna Findley

Yesterday I attended a ‚ÄúLiberty Tea‚ÄĚ organized by contributor Kim Lehman.  Kim…

We All Need a Little Enrichment: The Bill of Rights

This year¬†our family¬†joined a new homeschooling group and decided to experiment with…

Obama Says that He is not Losing Sleep

‚ÄúArt and media are the means and bridge over which the current…