Keith Olbermann Suspended by NBC For Donating To The People He Shills For

imageNBC has suspended Keith Olbermann indefinitely without pay because of campaign contributions that he made to three Democratic campaigns.  I understand that most news organizations have rules against this, but in Olbermann’s case it seems pretty ridiculous.  I mean, what, because he doesn’t contribute to campaigns he can feign independence?  Pretend that he is a neutral observer?  Act as though they have higher standards since Fox News doesn’t have the same rule? That didn’t seem to be a concern of theirs on election night.

Really, what’s worse, shilling for a party or a candidate and pretending you’re objective (to be fair I don’t know if MSNBC or Olbermann has necessarily claimed objectivity) or being up front about your positions and supporting candidates you favor?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see this guy off the air, I can’t stand the guy.  Olbermann’s show on MSNBC, “Countdown” is considered one of their highest rated which demonstrates why they get creamed by Fox News on a weekly basis.  Personally I think NBC is trying to find a reason to get rid of him.  They need to do something to stop their hemorrhaging ratings.

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  1. Amblek9761 says

    Shane Vander Hart; creamed by Fox (cough, cough, choke, gasp…) N-e-w-s? Come on, let’s not compare any reality to Fox. I understand if you can’t stand the guy; he’s brash and opinionated -also well read and articulate… That seems to bother the less informed group. In the meantime enjoy Fox; you seem well suited there.

    • says

      That’s a statement of fact, look at the ratings I linked to. Fox News has news and then it has commentary. The commentary does lean center-right. On election night though, Fox News did bring in Democrat/Liberal panelists. MSNBC did not. CNN rarely does either. I’m not saying Fox News isn’t slanted to the right, they are.

      That doesn’t make them less of a news organization. Bret Baier’s program – news. Sean Hannity – commentary.

      Even Hannity has Democrat panelists, though, and O’Reilly always tries to bring both sides of a story in.

      • says

        Fox news leans center-right?!? Are you f-ing kidding??? They carry the banner for whatever the GOP tells them to. KO should not have violated the rule. To work at fox though, it seems you MUST contribute to daddy GOP…

  2. Heinzfieldhero says

    Olberman is and will always be a disgrace to any affiliation connected to. Thank God he’s not doing football anymore. Liberals always think rules are for the OTHER guy.

  3. Jake Johnson says

    It’s really awful to hear someone suspended. I think Keith is just doing his job. It’s not really fair to just suspend someone.

  4. Jake Johnson says

    It’s really awful to hear someone suspended. I think Keith is just doing his job. It’s not really fair to just suspend someone.