Mike Huckabee came to Iowa not to affirm or deny any 2012 plans, but celebrate Iowa Family Policy Center and to congratulate them on their choice of Bob Vander Plaats to lead this new organization, the Family Leader.  He also congratulate the people of Iowa for their stand against a runaway judiciary.  If we voted to retain the judges it would have been a devastating blow for conservatives and Christians, but this vote now sends a message to other states.  It says that those who are governing that they are ultimately accountable to the governed.

Using the illustration of the castle saying that drawbridges were necessary to provide security.  If we didn’t utilize the drawbridge to protect the sanctity of the family.  We shouldn’t apologize for the drawbridge.  He said the “retention vote wasn’t personal, just business – the business of protecting the sanctity of the family, the business of acknowledging that there is a God to whom we are accountable.”

He also noted social issues and that he doesn’t understand the reasoning of those who wants to abandon moral issues.  He said, “I would rather debate the issues from the standpoint of eternal values that never be changed rather than temporal ones” that do change.   Social issues he notes also impacts the economic issues… talking about the Dad deficits – it impacts how much is spent propping up families, we see an increase in our juvenile system.

The family, Governor Huckabee said, if its sanctity is not protected he said it won’t matter how much we change the tax code.  It sparks the culture of entitlement, Huckabee said we’ll end up with a “generation of spoiled brats.”

He said, “the drawbridges of democracy starts with personal responsibility, with the best government being a mom and a dad who understand that there are things that are always right and there are things that are always wrong.”

Speaking of the sanctity of  life our Constitution states all people are created equal with no one having more value, and with no one having less.  There is no expendable life, no matter how early.  He said we wouldn’t go through children and adults and suggest to people that they need to be exterminated based on their IQ or expense.  He said our value doesn’t come from our IQ, last name, positions or economic status.  He said, “Life and it’s value comes from God Almighty… and it is our job to protect every life.”

Huckabee encouraged the crowd to push back, to stay in the fight for life and for family, to not be silent.  

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  1. Regarding “Speaking of the sanctity of life our Constitution states all people are created equal with no one having more value, and with no one having less.”

    Did Huckabee say that “All men are created equal” is in the U.S. Constitution? That phrase is in the Declaration of Independence, not the U.S. Constitution. I am curious whether this was a mistake by a reporter, or whether Huckabee made the mistake.

    I hope to vote for a presidential candidate who is familiar with the Constitution, and who will work to bring our government in line with the powers and limits stated in the Constitution.

    1. It could be my mistake, I’ll wait to see the video to check that. You are right that it was the Declaration of Independence that stated that. You can also point to the 14th Amendment as well which says, “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without the due process of law.”

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