imageI just finished watching the first part of the eight part new documentary on TLC called Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.   The scenery was fantastic as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd went salmon fishing and then mountain climbing in Denali National Park on a section of  Mt. McKinley.  This first episode provided an interesting mix of Alaskan scenery and outdoor life with an inside look into the Palin family.

What I liked most about the show is that it shows the family uncut and unscripted.  There was some mention of politics as it related to their everyday life (her work with Fox News and their noisy neighbor for the summer), but for the most part the topic was avoided.  I also appreciated that the behind the scenes look gave you a sense that they are a real family with real challenges.  They didn’t seem to censor anything their kids said, for instance, Piper complained about how much her mom was on her Blackberry.  Governor Palin talked about the challenges of having teenage daughters.  You also saw a little mother-daughter conflict when a boy came over to the house.  Also Governor Palin admitted to (and demonstrated) a fear of heights when climbing Denali.  There didn’t seem to be any desire on the part of the Palins to put up a false image, but rather a desire to just be themselves.

This show looks to provide an unprecedented transparent look into the life of a political figure which is something that I appreciate.  I’m sure there will be naysayers who will point to the flaws, but most I believe will gain a new appreciation for Governor Palin, but more importantly, an appreciation for the state that she loves.

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