Apparently at least a couple people on MSNBC like Mike Huckabee.

Of course one of the things they cite I think is a negative.  They talk about independents, but in order to win the GOP nomination he needs to convince the base.  I thought the Club for Growth ads run in 2007 in Iowa leading up to the caucus were over-the-top, and they seemed to be incredibly selective in their criticism – like giving Romney a pass on increased fees in Massachusetts during his term and RomneyCare.  So in my mind they lost credibility.

Regardless, he’ll still face some of the same hurdles he did in 2008 regarding questions about his fiscal record and supporting the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  He’ll still likely struggle with fundraising.

Not to say he can’t overcome that, and he is still polling well.  Two questions I have from this is does a plug from MSNBC hurt or help him?  Likely neither since hardly anybody watches it.  Then will they speak positively of him in the general election should he win the nomination?  Somehow I doubt it.


  1. None of the conservative elites seem to mind when Fox News plugs, and even cheerleads for Palin or Romney. Yet they get upset when MSNBC talks about Huckabee? This was hardly endorsing his candidacy, so it’s really pitiful for Breitbart to make such a stir about this. It joes shows how much the elites hate Huckabee, and for no reason.

    1. When did I say I was upset? I just thought it was interesting that the liberal MSNBC was plugging ANY GOP candidate. Also what world are you living on if you think the elites are plugging Palin? I also can’t say I’m happy about Romney getting plugged anywhere.

      1. Here is an NBC plug of Palin you might find interesting. (Don’t expect them to support her if she wins the nomination, though 🙂

      2. So first of all, I did not say YOU were upset. I was talking about the conservative elites like Breitbart and others who chose to falsely portray this as MSNBC plugging or pulling for Huckabee. Second, clearly you had trouble reading when I said FoxNews, not the elites, often cheerleads for Palin. Just watch her softball interviews with Beck, Hannity, Greta, and even O’Reilly for the most part. Not sure what you couldn’t figure out from my previous comment that was pretty clear.

  2. Yes, Huckabee’s polling is off of the charts and that is why you are parroting most of the things out there certain “conservatives” are using to discredit him disguising it as a “discussion” piece. It is really quite transparent.

  3. Yes, Huckabee’s polling is off of the charts and that is why you are parroting most of the things out there certain “conservatives” are using to discredit him disguising it as a “discussion” piece. It is really quite transparent.

    1. Whatever, I don’t parrot anybody, you should know that. I would have done this post if it were Palin or somebody else. What I don’t get is why everybody thinks this post is inherently negative. I didn’t say Huckabee wasn’t conservative or that he was disqualified because MSNBC personalities plugged him. I just find it strange that they would plug any conservative. I would think they’d be more excited about Romney.

  4. I’ve only criticized Huckabee over two things – the clemency issue and his support of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act. The rest of my posts have been positive. So I’m not objective because I criticized him and I’m objective when I don’t? Maybe you need to define objectivity for me. Also I didn’t think this post was negative. I was making an observation, that’s all. I don’t think he is any less conservative because MSNBC plugged him. I just don’t think it helps in the primary race. It could in a general election. I also find it strange that they would plug any GOP candidate. I would have posted if they discussed Palin, Paul or Romney as well.

    1. I’m not opposed to anyone criticizing Huckabee…he is certainly not perfect. But this post is a bunch of fabricated nothing.

    1. You know, that’s a lie. I didn’t repost anything. All Brietbart had was the video. I didn’t even say MSNBC was inaccurate in their coverage. You guys are becoming unhinged for no reason.

      I find it interesting I’m only thoughtful, introspective and objective when I agree with Huckabee. I’ve only criticized him on TWO issues!

  5. I did not view this clip as MSNBC “being for Huckabee”, they simply stated some facts. He is falsely accused so often in the media that when someone finally states the truth – all of a sudden the are “campaigning” for him. When Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, or Andrew Breitbart attempt to make the case that Mike Huckabee is a “big government liberal” it’s like saying “Michael Jordan was a great quarterback for the Chicago Bears.” One- it’s false and two, it’s stupid.

    They all know full well Huckabee is not a big government liberal. They also know that that even though his conservative roots are sunk in deep, that he doesn’t blindly follow all the talk radio blather and fall into their little right-wing groups. He is a true leader who thinks for himself and treats others (regardless of party) how he would want to be treated. They don’t like that. He’s not “one of them.”

    In addition, it irritates them that Huckabee continues to do so well in polling with the American people- despite their determined and pathetic attempts to mangle his record and conservative credentials. Governor Huckabee stands in a class all his own. He has the experience, character, leadership abilities, and communication skills to become the greatest American President in a century.

  6. Mike Huckabee has the intelligence, executive experience, integrity, and good judgment to make a great President. Only the flunkies for the status quo and those hate religion oppose him.

  7. Mike Huckabee has the intelligence, executive experience, integrity, and good judgment to make a great President. Only the flunkies for the status quo and those hate religion oppose him.

  8. “Sean Hannity will be calling to congratulate you soon.”

    If only I were that influential. Again rereading my post since I’ve been responding to comments today via email from my phone I really don’t know what I said that was negative, but you know what. Go ahead and ignore posts I’ve done on Huckabee like this: and this:

    and here –

    Not to mention I’ve published some of his op/eds here as well giving him an unfiltered voice.

    Regarding the post you mention Kirsten Powers on numerous occasions has said she could never support Sarah Palin for President. All she said was that she could beat Obama which she can. Huckabee can as well.

    So I guess I can expect the same balance for Palin over at the Iowa Defense Alliance that I’ve done for Mike Huckabee here.

    Also I think you have me confused for a news organization. I am a blog, and I am biased. Never said that I wasn’t. I do try to be fair, and I think you are reading way too much into this post. I’ve actually written a couple of blog posts criticizing Palin that I can recall off the top of my head – once regarding a theological statement she made and another with the Branstad endorsement. I’m also on record saying if she’s running for 2012 that she needs to do more in Iowa. Have you ever criticized Huckabee? Because I haven’t read it if you have.

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