Apparently at least a couple people on MSNBC like Mike Huckabee.

Of course one of the things they cite I think is a negative.  They talk about independents, but in order to win the GOP nomination he needs to convince the base.  I thought the Club for Growth ads run in 2007 in Iowa leading up to the caucus were over-the-top, and they seemed to be incredibly selective in their criticism – like giving Romney a pass on increased fees in Massachusetts during his term and RomneyCare.  So in my mind they lost credibility.

Regardless, he’ll still face some of the same hurdles he did in 2008 regarding questions about his fiscal record and supporting the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  He’ll still likely struggle with fundraising.

Not to say he can’t overcome that, and he is still polling well.  Two questions I have from this is does a plug from MSNBC hurt or help him?  Likely neither since hardly anybody watches it.  Then will they speak positively of him in the general election should he win the nomination?  Somehow I doubt it.


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