When past video of Christine O’Donnell admitting she played with witchcraft in high school popped up in the 2010 U.S. Senate race, she felt the need to heavily address the issue. The Deleware candidate did this in comments denying she was still a witch, and even in a T.V. commercial, where the first words out of her mouth were “I’m not a witch”.

O’Donnell ‘s big mistake was making an issue out of something that happened way back in High School. It was a non-issue, she was young and stupid like we all are at that age. No explanation beyond “I was a young and stupid High School Student at the time” was necessary, and saying more only created the issue basically out of thin air, LIKE MAGIC!

Sarah Palin is basically falling into the same trap, times 2! She also needs to NOT talk about the Tuscon shooting anymore, not giving the charges against her any merit.

But she DOES need to talk.

She needs to resume interviews, facebooking and tweeting now, (last FaceBook post 5 days ago) or her silence will also give the “crosshair”, “don’t retreat…reload” charges merit. Silence is deadly for Sarah, and she needs to act “appropriately” in this situation, which is…she had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting, resume her normal activities, carry on with the peoples message. The “appropriate” response is to carry on as normal. And, the longer she waits, the more her “return” will remind people about the shooting again.

Another big clue that “silence” is not the right strategy is that Democrats WANT her to be silent, and generally you always want to do the opposite of what your opponents want you to do.

Don’t retreat Sarah, reload! (yes, I said it).

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