I can’t say that my mini-daschund Mac has been a contributing factor in any life achievement.  I mean he begs.  He whines when you don’t give him attention.  He barks at the wind.  He eats, sleeps and in the winter poops on the deck and patio because he doesn’t want to go into our snowy yard.  He licks himself and then us.  He is a loving dog though.   He’s just not very bright.

Mickey Rourke, who won a Golden Globe award last night for Best Actor for his role in The Wrestler, doesn’t feel the same way.  The Examiner reports on who Rourke thanked on this most auspicious occasion:

Rourke thanked his agent, producers, co-stars, etc. and then he asked the audience if he could thank his dogs–both the ones that are still with him now, and those that had passed on.

Wow, no mention of family members?  That’s pretty sad.  At first I thought these were like uber-dogs, but no.  The dog pictured above is a chihuahua-terrier mix.  Her name is Loki, and he has it wearing pink in the picture above.  She is one of seven chihuahuas he owns.  Some things are just too strange to be made up.


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