An animated conversation ensued around the lunch table, as Sarah Palin, her leadership and potential as a Presidential candidate was heatedly discussed.  The women, all home schooling moms and conservative Christians from various backgrounds, passionately voiced opinions that ranged from a high level of respect for Governor Palin, to a concern for her family, if she runs for President.

One mom held the conviction that women should not be in positions of leadership over men.  I respect her opinions, though I do not agree with them.  I decided to do some Biblical digging to see what women in the Bible were leaders and what qualities they possessed.  The woman that immediately came to mind was Deborah, the Judge of Israel around 1200 B.C. found in the book of Judges chapters 4 and 5.  One commentary stated the following:

Deborah was unique among the women and men of  Bible history in that she was a prophetess, a judge and a military leader all in one – a powerful triple combination of authority and responsibility held by only two other Israelites, Moses and Samuel.
She was referred to as the “mother of Israel” because of her leadership in the battle against Canaanite oppression.

Biblically, women have been raised up “for such a time as these“, and have been mighty leaders, used to serve God in various capacities. Deborah is an inspirational woman who not only led in a judicial and legislative role, but also led in a victorious military role as well.  The Bible says that under her leadership Israel enjoyed peace for forty years.

Many women throughout history have demonstrated an exceptional ability to lead.  Sarah Palin is such a woman, and perhaps this is what has caused intense fear in those who oppose her point of view.  She is, in fact, a threat, because she stands against everything women on the left have put forward as leaders.  Her point of view reflects that of millions of American women; where as the feminist voice that has had the bully pulpit for so long, has finally been muffled by one that rings truer to most.

Is Sarah Palin the next President?  Maybe.  Is Sarah Palin a leader that speaks of a reality that millions of Americans live and adhere to everyday?  Absolutely!  Perhaps she has also been raised up for such a time as these.

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  1. Am I the only one who sees a disconnect here? Deborah was indeed a woman used of God–but that does not automatically transfer to Sarah Palin, simply because she is a woman. I have not seen any leadership qualities in Sarah Palin that would incline me to place her in the “God Raised Up” category. The author says Sarah Palin “stands against everything women on the left have put forward as leaders.” I wish that were true. Seeing Sarah Palin side by side with Geraldine Ferraro on Fox on Election night was a sad experience for me, as I saw her agreeing with Ferraro that women (as women, not just people) must move forward and upward against that pesky “glass ceiling.”

    1. I am not saying she is in Deborah’s league, it was more to the point that woman can indeed be in leadership based on Biblical examples.
      Leaders are shaped and molded through their life experiences, not born into that greatness; thus Sarah, though perhaps not Presidential material yet, could be, as her life experience has been shaping and battering her into a stronger individual. We have leaders in Washington who are in fact doing just that, leading, by example and courage; while others are there because the powers that be were able to put them there and keep them there.
      I missed that conversation between Ferraro and Palin, in which you refer, so contextually, I can not speak to that. At face value, the pesky glass ceiling just means anything that stands in the way of a woman becoming President in the United States. One can see it, but has not been able to break through the barrier. If that is the case, are you then opposed to a woman for President?

  2. I’ve only been following politics since Obama was elected and started further weakening our country and taking away our liberties.

    In the last two years, there has been one politician with the guts and capabilities to effectively oppose Obama – Sarah Palin. Newt probably knows more stuff, and Mitt has run a bigger business, but I don’t see them out front leading. We need that courageous leader to truly live the pledge and defend (restore) the constitution. She can hire people for the other stuff.

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