I have attended many memorial services.  Some have been healing, some have left me with nostalgic tears flowing because of wonderful memories, and most have been a celebration the life of the deceased; but I have never been to a service where those in attendance cheer, whistle and shout during the eulogy.  What was experienced during the Tuscon Memorial Service was extremely irreverent.

I kept wondering what the families were thinking as their loved one’s honor was being over shadowed by the cheers for President Obama.  I don’t believe he thought it was appropriate to outshine those he came to honor.  I almost think he should have told the crowd to be respectful, like a father would to a disruptive child in the same situation.  I wonder greatly what this says about society and this generation?

The words shared by the President were poignant as he reflected on the lives of those who had died; and I am sure it was an honor to have the President part of this momentous event for the victim’s families;  but I just can’t help being saddened by the raucous crowd who attended for reasons that elude me.  Was there a true desire to uplift these families in their time of distress, or was it a once in a lifetime chance to be at an event where the President was?  The behavior was juvenile at best.  Decorum and respect for the dead was lacking in the whistling and cheering crowds.  I kept wondering who raised these individuals and where were their manners.

Yet, in spite of the rudeness factor, beautiful thoughts were shared and honor was bestowed on the six victims.  I pray that each family and friend can begin their journey to healing tonight.

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  1. From what I’ve seen and read (very little at this point), Obama’s speech was good. I would long to hope that the politicizing of this event was minimal, but it will be played out strongly in more of the aftermath. Unfortunately, those who show up to events and are guilty of tremendous disrespect through their actions have already begun the politicizing of this memorial service.

  2. I was disturbed by the cheering immediately. I could have understood some clapping, but the cheering was strange. I too wonder at how these people were raised.

    I do put some blame on Obama. It is the speakers duty to set the tone of the event. He seemed pulled along with the cheering as if they were leading him instead of him leading the crowd. I then found out that T-Shirts were handed out beforehand.

  3. AGREED…..these people had no manners and i feel for their parents. maybe a college wasn’t the right place to do This.

  4. I also was initially surprised and questioned whether it was appropriate. But then I realized, I’m not from Tucson, I don’t know anyone directly affected by this, and I haven’t spent the last few days sobbing as a result of this terrible event. I realized it’s really not my call to decide what is an appropriate way to grieve or pay respect to the victims. So assuming Obama didn’t bus in a bunch of partisans to cheer him on, I’ll give the people who attended the benefit of the doubt.

  5. I agree with you100%. My uncle, Dorwin Stoddard was killed in this horrible event and my aunt Mavy was shot 3 times in the leg. As my family tries to come to grips with this tragedy, last nights circus only added to the confusion we feel.

    1. I am praying for your family, that healing will come quickly for your Aunt Mavy and that healing will come for your family as a whole.

  6. Even if those in Tucson tend to be a more boisterous type of population, there is a basic decorum
    that seems to be lacking at this event. Humanity should intrinsically
    know that screams and whistles are bad form at a solemn occasion. I am sorry for your loss Jojokitty
    and pray that in the coming days you and your family can find peace and healing.

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