Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) spoke at Congressman Steve King’s (R-IA) Conservative Principles PAC Conference in Des Moines.    She said she wanted to share some numbers with the audience.

She first hammered on the debt. $107 Trillion, she noted that much of this debt is owned by China.  Referring to China’s President Hu, she said, “Hu is your Daddy?”

35% corporate tax rate – one of the highest in the world  Almost 4 million words is in the tax code.  She said she supports a fair tax or a flat tax.  “Our tax code is a weapon of mass destruction.”

She noted that $1.83/gallon was the price of gas before President Barack Obama took office… she said we need to pursue our domestic resources.

19 of 20 of major metropolitan market where the real estate value has gone down.

129/2000 – miles of our southern border which is actually secure.

6,000 pages for the current health care reform bill.  Over 1000 waivers given… “I guess not everyone is equal under the law when it comes to Obamacare.”

$105 Billion – money hidden in plain sight in order to implement Obamacare before it was passed.  She said that Congressman King and she are committed to not pass one more spending bill until President Obama agrees to give this money back.

She said that President Obama is making the wrong calls and is thankful that Republicans, like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is standing up to course correct.  With our debt the way it is she said that we can see our future in Greece if we don’t deal with it.  “We’ve seen how this movie ends, and it isn’t a pretty picture.”

She said the Constitution provides the answers that citizens can make choices for themselves and noted earlier in her speech that she sponsored the “Light Bulb Freedom Act.”  She said that Americans can choose their own car and health care.

She also said that she disagrees with those who say they want a truce on social issues.  She said, “social conservatism is fiscal conservatism.”

She is confident in 2012 because she has seen that Americans “has decided we are going to take our country back” and that they are in for 2012.  She asked the crowd, “Iowa are you in for 2012?”  She was answered by a standing ovation.

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