imageMadison, WI /Christian Newswire/ — Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor attacked Governor Walker’s faith in The Progressive, "It is frightening that the highest executive in our state suffers from the delusion that God dictates his every move. Consider the personal and historic devastation inflicted by fanatics who think they are acting in the name of their deity."

Governor Scott Walker is in an epic battle over Wisconsin’s future budget. The world is watching as 14 Democratic Senators are in Illinois. Without their involvement, the Senate in Wisconsin cannot pass their budget.

As Wisconsin faces many challenges, Governor Walker is putting his faith in Jesus Christ. Also, his Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is a Christian who recently overcame colon cancer.

Governor Walker expressed his Christian faith before being elected. He has never pushed his personal beliefs on anyone, but has talked about it when asked.

Governor Walker’s father was a pastor at the First Baptist Church in Delavan, Wisconsin. The Governor currently attends Meadowbrook Church in Wauwatosa. He became a Christian at age 13 after submitting his life to Jesus Christ.

At a Christian Businessmen’s meeting in 2009, Governor Walker said, "I don’t believe God picks sides in politics. I believe God wants us on His side."

Walker believes that abortion is immoral. He opposes embryonic stem cell research, but approves of adult stem cell research.

As his Christian positions are clear, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is attacking his personal faith. Freedom From Religion purposely attacks Christians every day.

On April 15, 2010, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb from Madison ruled in favor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation by saying the National Day of Prayer proclamation by the president of the United States violates the Constitution.

As citizens of the State of Wisconsin, we need to be praying for our elected leaders as they attempt to do what is right. We need to pray that the problems in Wisconsin would be solved soon.

Christian Investigator President Steve McConkey says, "We are bombarded with news stories every day on issues that influence people here in Wisconsin and beyond. We are asking people throughout the United States to be praying for our elected officials in Wisconsin."

Steve McConkey is the President-Founder of 4 WINDS which offers the news site Christian Investigator (CI). Also, CI produces articles that are distributed worldwide on important issues.

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