Glenn Beck has suggested that Mike Huckabee is the perfect progressive candidate for the Republican Party.   I think you’ll be a bit surprised at that claim if you follow the links.

  1. This governor granted more pardons than any governor of his state since 1967
  2. This governor struggled with a weight problem most of his life, and thinks first lady Michelle Obama is doing well to speak in favor of healthy eating and exercise and that he doesn’t have a problem with the Federal Healthy Kids initiative.
  3. This governor increased state funding to fight childhood obesity and created a new health care commission in the state.
  4. This governor signed and promoted a law that those who graduated from public schools, regardless of their immigration status, would be able to pay in‑state tuition.
  5. This governor raised taxes, and increased spending over 12% a year.

I could go on-and-on but I think you get the picture.  Beck has praised “the governor” linked above over and over again, but hypocrisy reigns in Glenn Beck’s deluded world.  If this is the best Glenn Beck has, Huckabee will be the perfect candidate for the party, better than Ronald Reagan, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, or even Ronald Reagan, period.   Next up, Beck gets out the chalk board and shows that Huckabee is really Woodrow Wilson’s grandson, and that Huckabee’s first cousin is George Soros.



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