A Picture of the Scar, the Evil Lion, Lurking in the Shadows (From the Lion King)
The Devil Goes About as A Roaring Lion

It happened at an airport. Satan slithered in to tempt a man.

Quiet–yet insistent–he whispered, “You want to be President, don’t you? The most powerful man in the world. Think of all the good you can do. A gospel minister in the White House. God will be glorified—the name of Jesus lifted high!”

The devil paused, wondered if the man was listening to him. The Governor seemed to be fumbling for the right words to say to the other man, who was pouring out his heart. Good, Satan thought.

“Just tell him what he wants to hear,” Satan said. “This will come up again and again. People already think you’re narrow-minded. Now is your chance to show the whole world how compassionate you are—how compassionate God is.”

Was that working? Satan couldn’t tell. He tried another tack. “This man who is pouring his heart out to you, he has power, too. Millions of people listen to him. You can win him over, right now; he will be on your side. He will tell everyone how kind and compassionate you are. Just give this poor sap what he wants. He’s already deceived—what difference does it really make? You don’t know his heart. Such a little thing, after all. See the tears, how sincere he is? Why are you so judgmental, anyway? This is your chance to show them you’re not like that at all.”

The devil could tell the Governor’s mind was racing.

Should I apply more pressure? Maybe I’ll just let the crying man keep talking. The Governor has always been a sucker for such things.

Here was the moment Satan was waiting for: Now. Time for the kill.

“Just tell Glenn Beck that Mormons are Christians, too, Mike. There are many ways to heaven, and just one god, after all. And you will be the next President of the United States.”

In December 2007 Glenn Beck contrived to meet Governor Mike Huckabee in an airport. Other than Glenn Beck’s radio account of the encounter, the event went virtually unnoticed—except in the heavenlies.  Pull back the curtain and peer into the unseen. This is how God tests and proves a man. If you have eyes to see, you will see Mike Huckabee was tried in the fire and came forth as gold.

This week Glenn Beck called Mike Huckabee a “Progressive.[1]” Do you want to know the real story behind the current feud between Fox News personalities Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee? Go back three and a half years and lift the veil.

(This was written by my wife and me).

[1] In Beck-speak, that means he’s a socialist-nazi-commie-liberal.

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