Well one of my predictions about the first redistricting map came true.  Now that the Legislature voted in favor of it and it was approved by the Governor those impacted by the changes announced their intentions.  Congressman Tom Latham (R-IA) will not stay in the new Iowa 4th Congressional District and primary Congressman Steve King (R-IA) in 2012.  He announced today that he will move south into the new Iowa 3rd Congressional District.

Congressman Latham said that he “never allowed map boundaries block the great honor” he has felt in serving all Iowans.  He didn’t say why he made that decision other than it was made after “thoughtful discussions with my family, friends and supporters over the past two weeks.”

Congressman King announced that he’s staying put.

I have long said there is not a single county in the current Fifth District that I would want to ‘give up.’ However, the new map that will dictate Iowa’s representation in Congress for the next decade places my Sac County home in the new Fourth Congressional District. As such, I will be seeking re-election to the House as the representative of the new Fourth District. Having represented nearly half of the new Fourth District since 2002, I look forward to continuing to represent the interests of northwest Iowa in Congress, and I am looking forward to building new relationships in new communities across north central Iowa.

My residence in Sac County left me little choice in what District I would seek to represent beginning in 2013, but I am pleased that the residents of the southern part of my current district will have the opportunity to choose Tom Latham as their representative in Congress.

I personally didn’t want to see a primary between the two, and am glad that Congressman Latham will run in the 3rd Congressional District (my district).  I believe this gives us the best chance (along with the new makeup of the third) to bring that seat back into Republican hands.  While I haven’t agreed with every vote Latham has taken he’s certainly not a moderate that some have said is the only type of Republican who can win in my district.  I’m not convinced that Congressman Leonard Boswell (D-IA) will seek reelection, but has made some moves earlier that seemed to indicate that he would.  Though that was before the new map.  Latham moving south though with his likeability, war chest, and name ID is bad news for Boswell since he doesn’t really have “home field” advantage anymore with the new makeup of the district.

We’ll see, but for political nerds this is pretty interesting stuff.  As much as this changed the completions of our 2012 Congressional races, this pales in comparison to the choices that some of our State Senators and Representatives will be making.  While I think the Congressional map make-up isn’t bad for Republicans, there is some concern about the long-term impact of the new Senate District and House District maps.

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  1. how come that link about the new legislative maps didn’t mention Pearson as one of the at-risk incumbents. That district is one that might elect a republican, but in non-wave years they would elect a republican like Scott Raecker.

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