Being over 35 and a natural born citizen, the son of two natural born citizens, the grandson of four natural born citizens, I am qualified to be President. I have no other qualifications but that did not affect the votes of 60 million people last time around so it shouldn’t affect my chances to be President.


Drill here, drill now, drill a lot. We have among the most oil and natural gas resources in the world, and that’s just what we know we have. Instead of sending off billions of dollars to our enemies for the oil they have, we should use our own that we have available. In addition, we have not had a new oil refinery built in over 30 years due to onerous regulations and political red tape. I would fight to eliminate much of the over-regulation and political gamesmanship which has prevented the industry growth. In the process, private industry would be freed up to create countless high-paying jobs in the oil industry and in peripheral businesses, both as it relates to the field and as it relates to the needs of the people brought to the centralized locations.

Re-open Yucca Mountain. Obama closed Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste disposal and containment purely for political reasons, rejecting the science, possibly setting back nuclear energy by many decades. I would reverse that decision immediately. In the same vein, there has not been a nuclear plant built in over 30 years due to onerous regulations and the expense required to even consider building a nuclear power plant. I would fight to eliminate much of the unnecessary over-regulation involved in hamstringing the nuclear power industry. In the process, private industry would be freed up to create countless high-paying jobs in the nuclear power industry and in peripheral businesses, both as it relates to the field and as it relates to the needs of the people brought to the centralized locations.

Eliminate all ethanol subsidies. The amount of oil needed to make ethanol, in combination with the loss of fuel efficiency by the use of ethanol, works out to be the same as if the ethanol-producing step were eliminated altogether. Furthermore, the burning of the petroleum to produce the ethanol plus the burning of the ethanol produces more pollution than if ethanol were not produced. The creation of ethanol takes food away from the market, and has already caused riots and suffering. And using ethanol costs the consumer more than using gasoline while at the same time costing the taxpayer more by way of subsidies that prop up the industry — an industry that would not survive without government subsidies.

Use our oil shale and our coal. There is a plentiful supply of oil shale available but locked up by the federal government. I would work hard to unlock those lands for oil production. President Obama stated it was his goal to make the coal industry unprofitable. It would be my goal to provide an environment where the coal industry could become more profitable. Our nation is fabulously rich in coal. It would be a terrible act of destructiveness to prevent our nation from making maximum use of such a rich and inexpensive energy product. The coal industry provides untold numbers of good-paying jobs in the industry itself and in the peripheral industries, both to the industry and to the needs of the people working in the industry.

Health care:
I would work hard to repeal ObamaCare. All socialized medicine plans have been destructive across the world. Rationed care, “death panels”, outrageous expense spikes are all the norm in any such plan. No person should be forced to buy a product. That is clearly unconstitutional and an affront to all freedom-loving people. Instead of ObamaCare, I would work to pass major TORT reform, putting a hard cap on what malpractice awards can be given and limiting the attorneys to a maximum of 10 percent of the award. I would further work to redefine what can be classified as malpractice to remove more frivolous lawsuits, making it less profitable for attorneys to sue caregivers. Doing this would reduce the cost of defensive care doctors provide in an effort to avoid frivolous and expensive lawsuits. In addition, I would work to allow all citizens the right to purchase their health insurance from any health insurance provider regardless of the state of the provider. Open up the state borders for this interstate commerce as the US Constitution states is within the federal government’s mandated duties.

As the US Constitution gives the federal government authority for Washington, DC, I would work to re-install and re-invigorate education free choice in the form of vouchers of half the per-student cost of the public schools, paying for the vouchers out of the education dollars. This would actually increase the per-student expenditures of the public schools with no added cost to the taxpayers. It would also give parents the opportunity to get their children out of the failing public schools and into the more successful private schools. As each state has its own Department of Education and the US Constitution does not provide a federal right in this aspect, I would work to eliminate the Department of Education altogether. I would champion free choice voucher programs across the nation but not as a federal mandate. The issue would be up to the various states as is their realm. I would divorce student loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and put them back in the hands of the lenders where they belong.

National Defense:
I would work toward a strong, forward-thinking national defense, one where we don’t have to fight wars on our own soil. Islamic Terrorists have declared war on us. I would not pretend such is not the case. I would not treat the Islamic Terrorists as criminals but as the warring people they are, and I would treat them in a way as is prescribed in the Geneva Convention regarding un-uniformed, unlawful enemy combatants. Israel is our friend. As the only truly democratic nation in the Middle-East, and as a combatant against Islamic Terrorists since her regeneration, she is a very powerful ally and one we should continue to defend to the best of our ability. I would continue to aggressively bring the fight to the Islamic Terrorists in Iraq and support their fledgling democratic shift, working hand-in-hand with the new Iraqi government so long as they desire our presence and so long as they continue to fight the terrorists and fight for democracy for all Iraq’s citizens.

Tax code:
The US Tax Code is far too convoluted and far too expansive. It also works against the people in preventing wealth generation. I would work to rewrite and simplify the tax code. I would work to create a flat tax of 15 percent across the board and eliminate all tax credits for engaging in “government-approved” behavior. It makes no sense for half the wage-earners to subsidize the other half. If everyone had “skin in the game” then it would be much easier to force the federal government to live within its means. As the federal government is mandated to return roughly 94 cents of every dollar collected in fuel taxes back to the states of origin, I would work to fully eliminate the federal fuel tax, allowing the various states to determine the level of tax to keep their roadways up to par.

Illegal Immigration:
I would order the various federal agencies to fully enforce all immigration laws on the books, including the forced deportation of illegal aliens. I would eliminate all federal funds to all “sanctuary cities” as they are acting in direct violation of federal immigration laws. I would eliminate all federal funds to any institution of higher learning that allows and subsidizes illegal alien enrollment as they are acting in violation of federal immigration laws. I would give the states authority to enforce all federal immigration laws. I would not only build a fence across the entire US-Mexico border, but I would also increase the patrolling manpower threefold, take away their bean-bag guns and their tasers, and fully arm the border patrols. It is illegal to enter the US illegally. It should be treated as such.

I would work to eliminate all federal funding of all media outlets. This means outlets like NPR, CPB, PBS but is not limited specifically to them. The federal government has no business in media generation. Any outlets that cannot survive without federal funding should wither and die. Any outlets that can survive without federal funding — why do they need taxpayer dollars?

I would work to eliminate all federal funding of all agencies involved in the abortion industry. It is reprehensible that taxpayers should be funding entities that perform abortions. Likewise, it is equally reprehensible that taxpayers should fund work done by destroying embryos; therefore, I would work to eliminate all federal funding of such endeavors.

I would only appoint Constitutional Originalists to the courts. It is important to return this country back to what the Constitution and Declaration actually say instead of what various people with various agendas want it to say.

I would vigorously defend DOMA.

I would work to repeal McCain-Feingold. Political speech is speech and all speech is protected against government interference, such as McCain-Feingold.

I would work to strengthen citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Every state has its own Environmental Protection Agency. As such, I would work to eliminate the federal EPA — the agency that is busily grabbing authority and power the US Constitution never intended for it to have.

The Federal Communications Commission has outlived its unconstitutional usefulness and is usurping power. I would work to eliminate it.

I would work to create a law that states all regulatory agencies are to be restricted to enforcement procedures and prohibited from performing lawmaking acts (which is what writing regulations is). In that regard, I would work to have as many regulations as possible stricken from the books. “First do no harm” has not been a part of the governmental lexicon for a century. I would work to put it back in prominence.

The Right to Freedom of Association should not be stripped from the citizenry. In that regard, all closed-shop states are doing just that. I would work to install a federal “right to work” law preventing mandatory association with Unions in order to obtain or keep a job. I would also work to eliminate government-mandated automatic deductions from paychecks for the purpose of handing the money over to Unions. The people should have the option and responsibility of paying Union dues themselves; it should not be the purvue of the government to do so.

I would work to create laws that focus on the content of a person’s character and ability and not the color of a person’s skin. Similarly, I would work to eliminate all laws that focus on the color of a person’s skin and not the content of a person’s character or ability. All Affirmative Action laws are race or gender-focused. As such, all Affirmative Action laws need eliminated.

I would permit once again the people to manufacture, sell, and purchase incandescent light bulbs. There is no reason in a freedom- and liberty-loving nation to prevent people from buying the light bulbs of their choice.

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