Did former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee just call the late President Ronald Reagan a RINO?  He seemed dangerously close to saying soo  Writing about an interview that Governor Huckabee had on Fox News after the Presidential debate, Shane D’Aprile reported at The Hill on some of the comments that Huckabee made:

“And do I believe that Republicans can do something other than Balkanize themselves? I worry about that … because there seems to be this sense of fracture where people want you to be everything or nothing.”

Former President Ronald Reagan, Huckabee argued, would find it next to impossible to make it through a modern day Republican primary given that he “raised taxes as governor” of California and “made deals with Democrats.”

“People speak of Reagan as if he was absolutely steadfast,” he said. “He was in his convictions. But you have to govern in a way that is different than you can campaign.”

While I understand where Governor Huckabee is coming from, every candidate has, to borrow from former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a clunker in their past.  President Ronald Reagan was no exception.  However practically saying that the late President would be seen as a RINO in the eyes of some of the electorate does not help one politically with primary voters.

Not a wise choice.

HT: Weasel Zippers

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