(Let it be known I’m a Sarah Palin supporter so I view all non-Palin news as good for a Palin candidacy.)

Mike Huckabee has decided he’s not going to run in the 2012 Republican Primaries. That is a good thing. Mike Huckabee is a Big Government Social Conservative and he would’ve drawn strong support from the Social Conservatives. But, like Michelle Obama, he was a little too willing to legislate behavior from the Presidential Pulpit. And that is bad. Also, Huckabee has a massive albatross hanging from his neck. As governor of Arkansas, he commuted sentences of violent criminals so they could go on and commit more violent crimes. The Washington State cop-killer he released from prison comes to mind. And, apparently from those links, so does his getaway driver.

Donald Trump proved to be sodium in a beaker of water.

And that’s good because The Donald (whom Dana Pico strongly advocated against) has had multiple bankruptcies, proving he is no fiscal Conservative since he cannot handle his own finances. In fact, there have been more than one bank which refused to declare him in default on his loans because doing so would bankrupt those banks. The Donald has also made liberal use of Imminent Domain to his advantage, taking private property from the little guy to make his own business stronger and richer. Beyond that, The Donald has pumped lots of money into Democrat candidates’ campaign coffers. And the Republicans likely to get Trump money have been Big Government Ruling Class types (Crist, Specter). Beyond that, Donald likes to flip-flop-flip on policy items, making him either a complete unknown or a narcissistic opportunity-hound, you decide.

Don’t get me wrong. The Donald served his purpose as far as I’m concerned, although he could’ve been used further. Trump forced Obama to finally release his long-form birth certificate, something Obama spend 2 million dollars to keep hidden. And that playing card Obama was falsely using as a raaaaace card has now been eliminated. With huge numbers of people no longer believing Obama is not a natural born citizen as the Constitution requires. Higher percentages of Conservatives than non-Conservatives changing their minds. But if Trump played the game longer, he might could’ve forced Obama to release his K-to-Law School transcripts. (Ever wonder why Obama and his wife both no longer have their licenses to practice law?)

But, like sodium in water, Trump came in with a flash and —-.

Mitt Romney owns his RomneyCare in Massachusetts. The Obama campaign have been right on top of things, thanking Romney for creating the blueprint for ObamaCare. Romney has also been on all 27 sides of the argument on practically every issue, depending on the date of his comment. As a Big Government Ruling Class RINO from Massachusetts, Romney is the lamestream media’s and the Statist Republican’s and the Democrat’s wild dream of a Republican candidate. Romney’s chances (since he’s so busy hiding himself from the public at every turn) are greatest if he’s the only Big Government RINO among a field of Conservative Republicans. If the field of Conservative Republicans is sufficiently large and they eat each other, Romney can get a plurality since he cannot, ever, get a majority. Romney is McCain 2.0, Dole 2.0. In other words, the big-name sheep to the Democrat slaughter.

Mitch Daniels is apparently awaiting his wife’s decision on whether he should “spend more time with the family” or go after the POTUS job. He declared a “truce” on Social Conservatism, effectively surrendering that ground to Social Conservatives and alienating their vote. Later, he signed the bill that eliminated Indiana funding of the abortion provider and statutory rape hider Planned Parenthood. You can’t have it both ways, Mitch.

Mitch Daniels also caved when faced with Democrat fleebaggers. And he appointed the Indiana Supreme Court justice who effectively killed the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Newt Gingrich authored the Contract for America, or stole it from another Republican who authored it, depending on what you read. I discussed that time-period earlier here and here. Basically, Newt saw the giant awakening and pro-actively took an agenda that would lull the giant back to sleep and ran with it. Since then, Newt has been a major failure. He slept with a staffer while he was married “because he was so concerned with America.” He sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi to advance the Global Warming religion (which would destroy the US economy and propel us into a more massive stagflation than the one Obama has given us).

Newt ignored the grass-roots TEA Party backing (and the high-powered Sarah Palin backing) of Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 special election to endorse the DIABLO DeDe Scozzafava, who became a 3rd Party contender as Republican and dropped out to endorse the DEMOCRAT Bill Owens. More recently, Newt blasted Republican Paul Ryan’s plan to fix Medicare in a way that absolutely alienates the grass-roots conservative giant that has awakened. So, Newt has very clearly aligned himself with inside-the-beltway Ruling Class Big Government RINOs.

Robert Stacy McCain has written multiple articles praising Herman Cain. And I mean MANY. The guy is a certified Conservative. (either one) But I’m not ready to vote for someone who would be cutting his political teeth in the most powerful position on Earth. We’ve already seen how that turns out (hello, Barack Obama, you brain-dead Socialist). We could do a lot worse than Cain in the Cabinet, and we most definitely are with Obama’s Socialist allies. But as top dog, he doesn’t pass the pedigree test with me. Granted, this is the most opportune time for a non-politician to get the nod, but someone who doesn’t know the dealings and hasn’t had the experience handling the politics doesn’t need to be lurched into the most powerful and most political post in the land. And his campaign will most definitely suffer for it.

Michele Bachmann is a potent member of the US House of Representatives. She absolutely should stay there. In the Presidential field, she’s half-cut 1 percent milk to Sarahcuda’s whole milk straight from the cow. Why take blue water when milk is available?

And then there’s Sarah Palin. Members of the elite in the lamestream media call her an unserious candidate, while incessantly spreading lies about her and adding grist for the whack-jobs looking for someone to assassinate. Ruling Class Republicans are out to destroy her instead of attacking Obama. A Leftist nutter rented the house next door to write his hit-job book about her. Radical Leftists shoot their TV sets because her daughter does well on a reality TV dance show. Some clown makes his way propagating Trig Trutherism (Bristol has super-power va-jay-jay capabilities, according to him). Leftists alternatively mock her for being unable to kill an animal with a rifle that was knocked off zero from a fall and scream in horror that she would shoot that animal (and club a fish as well). Leftists and Statist RINOs attack her because she held the needs of Alaska higher than her own self and resigned as governor while a myriad of Leftists were filing frivolous lawsuits (permitted under Alaska law at the time) which were bankrupting her and grinding Alaska’s government to a halt. All this while claiming Sarah Palin is not a serious candidate.

And what does Sarah do? She only shifts the national debate on ObamaCare, influences elections nationwide in 2010 and in Special Elections prior to 2010, makes fools of Leftists who mock her for her accurate date for the Boston Tea Party, draws huge crowds wherever she appears, affects the national debate on all manner of topics, and draws the ire of practically all Leftist organizations, Leftist press groups, Leftist blog outfits, Ruling Class Republicans and their outlets.

People who either should know better or are too flat-out partisan to be honest suggest Palin’s afraid to talk to people outside of FOX News. Obviously, she’s outside of FOX News quite a bit. She had her Long Island appearance where she was grilled by an unfriendly source and won the less-than-friendly crowd over with ease. She had her India trip where she won the Indians (dot) over with ease. She had her Israel trip and her Haiti trip and her Alabama trip where she showed she could get down and dirty with the regular people, and possibly even further in the life-threatening grime than most regular people. She has her Facebook page and her Twitter account which are shaping national agendas and conversations.

Aside from that, she’s currently contracted to FOX, which means only under certain circumstances can she grant interviews outside FOX. And, honestly, why should she? She’s already living rent-free in their heads. They’re already claiming she’s a nobody whilst spending an inordinate amount of time trying to destroy the “nobody”. And she has a huge following who are ready, at a moment’s notice, to pump big money into her campaign and to get out on the streets and beat on doors for her.

Of all the possible candidates, she can most afford to wait the longest before declaring. And her ground game has already devoured a large portion of the field even before opening up her air game.

7 in 10 Republicans and a majority of independents declare the National Republican Party to be to the left of and disconnected with the Republican base.

42 percent Conservative.
36 percent Moderate.
20 percent Liberal.

Newt is busily impaling himself before asking Conservatives to vote for him.
Mitt equals ObamaCare and Statist Ruling Class Republican.
Mitch has proven to be spineless and to surrender territory before even engaging.
Donald was a pan-flash Ruling Class Republicrat.
Huck is a Big Government nanny Social Conservative who released a pair of criminals responsible for later murdering a cop.
Herman wants to cut his teeth in the top job in the world.

And then there’s Sarah.

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  1. I appreciate your commentary on the other candidates, but I think you do your entire article a disservice by not even mentioning Ron Paul. You mentioned others who haven’t even declared their candidacy yet, but failed to mention a guy who has already announced, and already raised $1 million in a day. I hope, if you address this in an edit or a response to me, you might offer a criticism of Ron Paul that goes beyond regurgitation of the lamestream media’s take on Dr. Paul as “unelectable” without really attacking or denouncing his platform or position. As popular (and pretty) as Sarah Palin is, she is a very polarizing figure in the electorate. I think Sarah running would add to the overall campaign, but I haven’t heard much of anything regarding an effort by her or any grass roots supporters to kick-start even an exploratory committee.

    1. Ron Paul will never get more than a smattering of votes.  He is an isolationist and an anti-Zionist who doesn’t truly have the best interests of the US DOD at heart.  He would cause the US to be in a far more precarious condition than it is now in, and would do so post-haste.  He cannot win a Conservative Primary.  He cannot win going 3rd Party.  He obviously cannot win in the Democrat Party.

      While he has his dedicated Paulians, he cannot gain more than a sliver of the uninformed voter base and he cannot gain in the informed class outside that which he already has.  He’s a perennial candidate and a perennial loser outside his TX district (which should choose a better class of Republican).

  2. Here are a few reasons I disagree with your post.
    1.) Any of these people and I mean ANY would be better then what we have now. I thnk we would agree on that.
    2.) would yor rather have some one with no political experience or one that quit in the middle of their term. Your right Cain does not have a polital background and for me that is a plus for him. Sarah was Gov. But walked out on the job which was the worst move she could make. Does that mean as president and things get hard she would quit?
    3) You talk about Huck and his big gov and the release of the convicts but you don’t minion Sarah was investigated (which I agree some were not called for) as Gov one example was over the trooper deal. If you are going to pick out everyone else faults you should her to.
    4) Artilces like this do no good. What if Sarah does not run or if she does not make it through the primary. Then after writing this how can you support any one else after you just ran all of them down but her? Let’s quit jumping a head, watch the debates and everything else and then let’s all pick the best candidate.

    So far from what I hear them all say I would say Cain is making the best agreement as of right now but it’s way to early.

    Oh and I love how you say Trump can not manage his finances. The man is a Billionare.

  3.  I heard Huck on Jon Stewart claim he was for limited govt. as the Constitution declares. Huck has also lobbied for the national sales tax, eliminating our current tax code. That isn’t big govt.

    As to his releasing that cop killer. The guy lied to him, said he had become a Christian. Ultimately those deaths were not Huckabee’s fault. It was the dept. of probation that allowed that guy to leave Arkansas

    1.  ourfoundingtruth, I have read more than one person holding Huck guiltless in the cop-killer’s actions.  And I understand the sentiment involved.  Huck didn’t kill the cop, a convicted felon did.  Whereas yours is the first comment directly to an article of mine referring to the convicted felon’s claims to be “now a Christian” as to the influence affecting Huck’s decision to commute his sentence, it’s not the first time I saw that basis point.

      I am a Christian and I value forgiveness.  But I also value the rule of Law.  (And the rule of Nature.)

      A wealthy land-owner rents out a large plot of land to a farmer.  The farmer has no money, so he contracts with the land-owner to grow corn and give the land-owner 30 percent of the corn as payment.  The farmer later regrets his contract and in a fit of anger, plants the entire acreage in thistle.  After a time, the farmer repents of his sin and asks the land-owner for forgiveness.  The land-owner forgives the farmer.  But the thistle still grows.

  4. Your post contains several points that show the vicious influence of modern political commentators. These are poor examples to follow.

    Measured, sensible commentary better accords with the demands of truth.

    1. Mister Levi, your comment contains a multi-valent accusation without even the semblance of documentary evidence.  Please provide documentary evidence of “several points” which are “vicious” and not truthful, if you wish for me to consider you “measured, sensible” in your commentary.

      As it currently stands, your comment has no documented backing whatsoever (unlike my article) but is an “attack the messenger” logic fallacy (in much the same way you accuse me).  I’m a carnivore, Mister Levi, and as such, I eat meat.  You have provided no meat for me to inspect, whereas I have provided a great deal of meat throughout my article.

      My article was very measured and quite sensible, with very clearly spelled-out explanatory statements.  Your comment was neither measured nor sensible from my standpoint.


  5. I thought you’d announced your candidacy…doesn’t that relegate all the other potential nominees to battling for runner-up status?

    P.S.  Can someone please explain to me what, exactly, is a RINO?  I am really getting tired of that term; it strikes me that it’s an expedient to trot out against anyone who doesn’t agree with some position you hold dear.   

    1. Republican In Name Only… it does get overly used, I am comfortable applying it to people who don’t abide/believe in major sections of the party platform – whether it is social, fiscal or defense issues.

      I probably don’t use it quite as much as John, but there are some where the label fits.

      1. Thanks, Shane.  I understand what the acronym means.
        However, to me, it illustrates a very troubling trend; the tendency to focus on the differences within our party rather than the myriad of things that we all have in common.  For instance, if I have a spinal cord injury, embryonic stem cells offer me a great deal of hope that I can one day reclaim a life where I have full use of all my limbs.  If I support ESC research, does that make me a RINO, even if I believe in fiscal responsibility, individual liberty and accountability, a strong defense, etc?  Likewise, I was against certain provisions of the Iowa Smokefree Air Act.  Some Republican legislators voted for it; does that make them RINOs?  The bestowal of such an appellation based upon such a narrow definition seems irresponsible to me.

  6. I thought you’d announced your candidacy…doesn’t that relegate all the other potential nominees to battling for runner-up status?

    P.S.  Can someone please explain to me what, exactly, is a RINO?  I am really getting tired of that term; it strikes me that it’s an expedient to trot out against anyone who doesn’t agree with some position you hold dear.   

  7.  I see.  Your statement is what it is and the fact it is what it is means it is what it is.  And that proves it is what it is.  QED

    Sorry, I don’t subscribe to your circular logic.  You’re unwilling to document your accusations, apparently willing to let the “seriousness of the charge” stand on its own merit instead of trying to back up your accusations with evidence.  As to my purported “name-calling,” I stand behind my usage of RINO and DIABLO acronyms as fitting the agendas of those I labeled thusly.  Beyond that, my article was quite sensible, measured, reasoned, well thought out.

    You can hold to your “seriousness of the charge” position without backing up your charge if you wish, but doing so will suggest to me the accuser is not serious, but rather remind me of someone using this logic:

    “Shut up,” he explained.

    1. You aver that my comment “is an ‘attack the messenger’ logic fallacy”. I certainly never meant to attack you. I don’t think my words of themselves support that conclusion; but let me be disavow that intention.

      You imply that my comment relies on “circular logic”. I don’t think that is an accurate description.

      You refer to “[my] ‘seriousness of the charge’ position”. I don’t have any such position. I don’t think my words fairly lend themselves to such a construct.

      You imply that I have failed to back up my point with evidence. And then you answer the very evidence I presented in defense of my point.

      John, you don’t like my point; but I think it is cogent. My point is that your tone interfered with the persuasive power. 

      I was struck not with the irresistible force of your conclusion, but with the forcefulness of your manner. You answered that you stand by your tone (“I’m a carnivore”) and your name-calling (“I stand behind my usage of RINO and DIABLO acronyms as fitting the agendas of those I labeled thusly”), so you get my point. You don’t agree; but you understand me.

      Here’s what one blogger said about the acronym DIABLO (after explaining that it stands for “Democrat In All But Label Only”) “Of course, “Diablo” is Spanish for “Devil”. Works for me.” (You can find this blogger at holycoast (dot) blogspot (dot) com/2009/10/not-just-rino-but-diablo.html. Your use of that label sounds close to calling a man a devil. You’re a Christian; I’m a Christian. Whatever the world does, we Christians should not call a human a devil. 

      As Christians we should not imitate the world. We should not speak evil of dignitaries (Jude 1:8); and we should not bite and devour one another (Galatians 5:15).

      Now, I hope I can do better myself or I will run afoul of the excellent point made in your May 15 post:
           “The same way you judge others, you’ll be judged. Compassion plays a role here: If you judge without compassion, you will be judged without compassion.”

      1. “I am a carnivore” means “I am a meat-eater,” which means I want meat in a discussion, not something that doesn’t have any meat to it.

        Diplomats will put a velvet glove on an iron fist, punch you in the gut, then convince you it was your idea.  With me, one out of three ain’t bad.  In regards to soft-shoeing a discussion, I don’t go there.  “Woe to you, scribes and pharisees” comes to mind, as does “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.”  Those two examples show a clear lack of soft-shoeing.

        And no, you did not provide any evidence in your earlier comments.  There was no meat, just a “seriousness of the charge” charge.  I had to do all the work and present something that you may or may not have considered to be evidence because you didn’t bring it yourself.

        And if “we should not speak evil of dignitaries” means we cannot bring forth documentation against candidates who want our vote, then why would Christians be involved at all in the democratic process?  We good people should sit back and do nothing so that evil can succeed, else we “speak evil of dignitaries,” yes?

        And you took my discussion on the Judging article out of context to make a point.  We are indeed called to judge and be discriminating in our decisions and about the character of others.  And giving people a free pass in public for matters… in a Court of Law, that could be described as “accessory after the fact.”

      2. “We good people should sit back and do nothing so that evil can succeed, else we “speak evil of dignitaries,” yes?” I do not conclude that.

        “And you took my discussion on the Judging article out of context to make a point.” Wrong. I was applying your words to my own limitations outside of this blog discussion. I do not always act in the strictest conformity to my own ideals.

        Calm down, brother. Read me again.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed the article!  I think you are a very well-spoken writer and were spot on regarding the different potential candidates thus far and their drawbacks.  Thank you very, very much.  I will share it with Sarah Palin supporters I know.

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