imageBy Jenifer Bowen

Planned Parenthood recently released information to the media that researchers said Planned Parenthood’s webcam abortions were safe. The research is not credible as it comes from a radical abortion activist group called Ibis Reproductive Health, which focuses on promoting medication abortions (also known as RU-486 or chemical abortions.)

Who is Ibis Reproductive Health? Ibis a radical abortion activist group.

Ibis focuses on promotion of medication abortions:

Ibis’ #1 accomplishment listed on their website is: “Expanding access to medication abortion.” According to the Ibis website, Ibis’ founder Charlotte Ellertson had a “special focus on emergency contraception and medication abortion” and was “instrumental in achieving the regulatory, clinical and policy changes that made these methods more widely available to women around the world.” (Source:

Ibis sponsors dangerous abortion testing on girls as young as age 16:

The U.S. Government Clinical Trials website reveals that Ibis Reproductive Health sponsored research in Canada to see if medication abortions could be done more cheaply using misoprostol alone. Girls as young as 16 were included in the study. (Abortion clinics in Canada can do abortions on underage girls without parental knowledge.)


Ibis also works closely with Gynuity, another abortion promoter, which readers of the Iowa Right to Life News will recognize as the sponsor of dangerous abortion trials on girls as young as 14 in Ecuador and Venezuela. (Source: “More Dangerous Abortions Tested on Women: Girls as young as 14 used in studies on incomplete abortion” IRTL News, September 2010.)

Planned Parenthood personnel sit on Ibis’ Board of Directors:

Carmen Barroso, Regional Director of International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere, based in New York City, sits on the Ibis Board of Directors.

Ibis’ Senior Researcher, Dr. Grossman is not just any OBGyn

Dr. Grossman, quoted in the Ibis study on the safety of webcam abortions, is such an extremist that before Ibis, he worked for the abortion activist Population Council in Mexico City. He did research on medication abortions using misoprostol and designed training materials for medication abortions.

(Mistoprostol is the second drug in the medication abortion cocktail that expels the baby from the womb, after the first drug, Mifeprex, starves the baby to death by cutting off its nutrients.)

“Planned Parenthood’s use of ‘research’ from Ibis shows they will say anything to promote their abortion agenda,” said Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life. “The truth is medication abortions are more painful, traumatizing and bloody for women, but more profitable for Planned Parenthood.”

The original Planned Parenthood release on the Ibis study states that “women who used the telemedicine service were no more likely to have a complication than women who saw a doctor in person.” What of those complications? The Food and Drug Administration recently released a report that there have been 14 known deaths associated with abortion drugs in the U.S. and another 5 known deaths outside the U.S. There were also 2,207 cases of “adverse events” reported to the FDA from the time of the abortifacient’s approval in September of 2000 through the end of April 2011.  Of those, 612 had been hospitalized.

Jenifer Bowen is the Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life

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