Back in March, Gregory Hilton exposed the back and forth view of Reagan that has been expressed by Ron Paul.  Paul apparently uses an endorsement from 1978 that reads as follows:

‘Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first.’ 

It should be noted that Reagan was likely to support any Republican, including liberals Lowell Weicker and Arlen Specter, as Hilton points out.

But after that Paul said this about Reagan:

The American people have never reached this point of disgust with politicians before. I want to totally disassociate myself from the Reagan Administration.

“Paul’s disaffection started early in Reagan’s presidency: ‘Ronald Reagan has given us a deficit 10 times greater than what we had with the Democrats,’ Paul told the Christian Science Monitor in 1987, ‘It didn’t take more than a month after 1981, to realize there would be no changes

It is fine to differ with Reagan on the deficit.  It is not fine to pretend the two of them were buddies-buddies, implying that Reagan would endorse Paul – which is what he did in an ad the last time around.

Even a poster at Ron Paul forums admits this (and his libertarian run) are problems:

I liked the wording “they did it to Reagan”. It moves him closer to Reagan. We’d want to use the 2 Rons pix somewhere, use the endorsement. But we have the “I want to totally disassociate myself from the Reagan Administration” to deal with in the best manner possible. And then the libertarian run.

“George Washington”, who has posted here before, responded to the Hilton article in fine fashion:

Greg Hilton, …I think i see what is going on here… You hate America. Gotcha.

Paul also brings Reagan into the debt ceiling debate in his latest ad, using a newspaper clip:

“Mr. Reagan reluctantly agreed Saturday to sign the legislation, which also raises the government debt ceiling to avert a Federal default, but said he would veto any tax increases aimed at meeting the deficit target”

The problem with this is that Reagan approved raising the ceiling many, many times during his presidency, sometimes insisting that the Democrats do so.  I have the quotes from Reagan’s diary to prove it.

  1. Did you know that sometimes trolls post on Ron Paul Forums posting things to cause trouble for Ron?  Because as a mod there, I can assure you it happens regularly.  By the way, do you have the link to that disassociating comment?  Because Reagan absolutely did endorse Ron in a House race.  And regarding he and Ron being buddy buddy, Ron Paul was one of Reagan’s biggest supporters when he was running against the Rockefeller/Bush Republicans.  Ron Paul led the Texas delegation at the RNC fighting for Reagan over Ford in 1976, in fact.  

    And his disappointment with Reagan’s administration that I had read (and I have NOT read what the troll posted and what you quote) was entirely based on the deficit and raising taxes in return for future spending cuts which never materialized.

    1. “do you have the link to that disassociating comment”

      Does Paul deny it?   

      “Ron is definitely what is known as a ‘Reagan Republican”

      Reagan as Paul wishes him to be, not as he was,  We are all guilty of overplaying Reagan’s policies, and underplaying his character.

  2. Wow, I just went to that so called ‘Factcheck’ hit piece.  Notice it has no quotes whatsoever from Ron Paul and mixes other people’s conspiracy language with Ron Paul’s positions.  For example it says Ron was against the ‘NAFTA Superhighway’ which it says didn’t exist.  Well, people used that term, rightly or wrongly, to refer to the Texas Toll Road, a planned eminent domain nightmare that would have diverted traffic through Texas from going through local communities benefiting small business to being captive to toll road ‘plaza venders’ benefiting the communities not at all.  It was to be owned by a Chinese company and was in fact to be the toehold in the US for a road to Canada, whatever else it may have been.  Rick Perry was a main architect.  Ron Paul opposed it and is a big reason it failed.  (It was supposed to go through his district.  Ask Texas if it was a myth.  Then ask Texas why in a PPP poll last month pitting each of Perry and Paul head to head against Obama, Ron Paul beat Obama by 5 points, and Perry LOST to Obama — in Texas.)

    1. I’m not sure what you are saying,  There are several quotes from Paul in the Factcheck article, and links to the Paul websites.    My link to Factcheck did not mean to imply that I agree with all of the conclusions that it draws, only that it was the source for the 2008 ad quote.  I notice that you include no quotes from Paul or Perry either.   If you could link us to the original endorsement of Paul by Reagan, that might help, too.  I was unable to find it.

  3. It’s difficult to understand the point of this piece.

    Ron Paul had differences with Ronald Reagan and most other mainstream Republicans throughout his career because Dr. Paul has refused to back down from his strong principles of not raising the debt ceiling, controlling government spending, and fighting for personal liberties. 

    Anyone can have a rift with anyone at some point in life, but that doesn’t mean that Dr. Paul hates or disses Reagan.  He hasn’t been riding on Reagan’s coattails unlike some other mainstream Republicans trying to get elected, and he hasn’t attempted to retract his positions.  Nevertheless, when Dr. Paul speaks about Reagan in public interviews, his respect for Reagan is clear.

      1. No surprise, unfortunately.  Politicians are mostly self-centered.  By and large, they’ll say whatever they think will make them look good.  If they think they can convince you the sky is green, what’s to stop them from trying?  🙂  Politicians (along with advertisers, lawyers, etc.) depend on the naivete and lack of skillful reasoning in people.  I don’t have strong feelings about Paul either way, but I’m glad you debunked the Reagan-Paul “bosom buddy” theory.

  4. If you listen to many of the speeches Reagan gave before his presidency, you can see why Ron Paul was a delegate for Reagan – especially on the size and scope of government.  But the Reagan presidency looked like nothing Paul would want to be associated with.  During Reagan is when our deficits and the size of government exploded.  But, remember, Reagan was very popular.  Again displaying his principals, Paul was honest in revoking his endorsement of Reagan – even at the height of Reagan’s popularity.

    An endorsement exists until it is revoked.  The Reagan of the past endorsed Paul – and he could use it as he wished.

    You’ll have to work up a better hit-piece than this.

    1. I do have a problem with the ethics of using the endorsement of someone from whom you revoked the endorsement for, as you point out.  Did you really expect that Reagan would respond in kind.   He was too much the gentleman for that.

  5. As a Paul supporter I can see the points made here about the ambiguity of the Reagan stuff. However, even heroes have lice. Meaning no one is perfect and even the good guys make mistakes. Paul is STILL the absolute best chance we have of reigning in a out of control government that continues it’s power grab in a multitude of “problem solving” legislative actions. I have seen how Fascism has worked in other countries and as far as I can tell it really sucks. Go Ron, you imperfect old, disagreeable best friend of a republic – go!!

    1. The government won’t get reined in, until the “legalized” killing of unborn children is brought to an end in all 50 states.   And that won’t happen unless we see a genuine revival of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  6. David, I’d like to hear who you think is the better candidate for President 2012 and why.

    1. @google-cb27b4b604cda363ca33160db82eab3c:disqus & @048f89017ef766256ec0ac753e86c202:disqus 
      I don’t know if there is a better candidate or not, overall.  I am looking for a Christian candidate who is fiscally conservative but who considers stopping the murder of unborn of national importance.

  7. I dare you to find another candidate that you would find to be an improvement over Ron Paul. His voting record speaks for itself, regardless of whose coattails he’s apparently trying to ride.

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