Texas Congressman Ron Paul in his remarks said that their campaign has been marked by one word he said he’s proud of and that is “liberty.”

He said that life precedes liberty and government’s responsibility is to protect all life.  “You can not have relative value for life, you can not play God and make that decision all life is precious.”  He said that rights do not come from our government they come from our creator.  He said you can not be pro-liberty and not be prolife. 

Attacking the Patriot Act he said, “You can not protect liberty by taking liberty from the American people.”  He said you never have to give up liberties to be safe.

He said that were broke and we are fighting undeclared wars that is costing us trillions of dollars which should have been left at home.

Paul said that our involvement in Iraq has caused them to be closer to the Iranians.  He said recently that the U.S. Embassy in Iraq was authorized to hire 17,000 people.  He said you can not have that and have prosperity.

He went after the Fed and said the system needs to be changed, and said we need to have a strong currency that we print too much money and only gold and silver should be the standard.  We said we need to get rid of our tax system and we need fewer regulations.

“The problems are very large, and very difficult, but the solutions are simple if you understand the reason we got into the mess.”  He said by abandoning the Constitution.  He said we need to restore our freedom.

He said we need to protect our borders and not be concerned about the borders in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He said bring them home.  He said there is no viable reason our troops need to be in South Korea.  He said that we need to bring them home and have them focus on the border.

He said that we must send to Washington those who respect the rule of law and know, understand and obey the Constitution.

Some brief thoughts: Congressman Paul started his speech off well by focusing on life, and that our rights come from our Creator.  His staple is focusing on liberty.  It was one of his better speeches.  I agree with about 90% of it, but I still believe that his foreign policy is naïve.  While yes it is time to draw down our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan we need to do it in a common sense manner.  He also questioned troops in South Korea saying there’s “no good reason they’re there.”  How about North Korea who is trying to establish a nuclear weapons program?

He shared a poignant story about when he was a young doctor that he saw a doctor do an illegal abortion.  He said during a hysterectomy (I believe that was the procedure) he witnessed a doctor remove a baby that was living, breathing and crying and placed it in a bucket in the corner of the room.  He said they acted like no one can here this baby.  He talked about another operating room where the medical staff scrambled to save the life of a premature baby.

I have a question.  In that first operating room, other than being shocked at what happened to that baby, what did he do to save the life of that baby?  Did he speak up?  Perhaps he did, but he didn’t say.

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