6:44p – The end to a totally uninspiring speech.

6:43p – Man can be as big as they want?  No they can’t.  Man tried that before, how’d that work out for them?  Hint read about the Tower of Babel in Genesis.

6:42p – “You should pass it (the plan) and I intend to take that message to every corner of the country” (tax-payer funded campaigning)

6:41p – People don’t have the luxury of waiting 14 months.  We do if he tries to push a stimulus spending plan.

6:40p – Wow, he acknowledges we’re one nation under God, pining for evangelical votes.  He’s just looking for applause lines now.

6:39p – I thought Al Gore invented the internet, and he should have provided it for free.  I don’t think many would “suffer” without the internet… except Al Gore that is.

6:37p – Guess what, I haven’t heard many people talk about ending collective bargaining for private industry.  It’s public unions….

6:36p – Since when did collective bargaining become rights?  I don’t recall reading that in the Constitution.

6:35p – “We should have no more regulation than the health, safety and security” that Americans require…. that will be the test he says.  That’s pretty subjective don’t you think?

6:34p – Is it just me, but he doesn’t seem very passionate.  Perhaps he doesn’t believe what he’s saying.

6:33p – Sorry the server timed out… I just came back when he was talking about a “jobs council.”  That’s the beltway solution – start a committee.

6:31p – He’s going to help people refinance their mortgages?  How about staying the heck out of the mortgage business?  Hasn’t he learned.  Oh, that is something he said they can do on their own.  Great, executive orders…

6:30p – Oh, at what salary does one begin to be “wealthy”?  We’ve heard this one before remember?  Wealthy suddenly became $150K.

6:29p – This isn’t class warfare?  Then why are you focusing on the rich?

6:28p – I guess he listened to me (and Sarah Palin) since he’s supporting a corporate tax cut and cutting loopholes.  How much of a tax cut?

6:27p – President Obama doesn’t seem to realize that the rich pay most of the taxes in this country regardless of the loopholes.  But I say again, pass a flat tax and end loopholes.

6:25p – Tax cuts for the middle class, rich gets hosed, and it won’t add to the deficit.  He said, I promise, I’ll send over a more aggressive deficit plan.  It’ll ask the wealthiest Americans and large corporations to pay their fair share, and help reform entitlements.  So he’ll raise taxes on producers.  How about this, cut taxes and end loopholes?

6:23p – Pass this job bill and vets will have jobs, kids will have summer jobs, businesses who hire people who have been unemployed for over six months a tax credit, and extends unemployment for another year…. oh long will that be now that somebody can be collecting unemployment?  Also he says families will receive a $1500 tax credit.  Also free butter and cheese!  Ok, he didn’t say that last part.

6:21p – Ah yes, more money for teachers, that should make Jason Glass happy…. ah yes, more Fed cash for my department!

6:20p – No earmarks or boondoggles… does he really believe what he’s saying?

6:19p – “Every child deserves a great school.”  Ah yes, more money for school buildings.  Got to help out the NEA.

6:18p – He’s talking infrastructure jobs… I’m hearing another stimulus coming on.

6:17p – Jobs will be created, taxes will be cut…. devil’s in the details Mr. President.  He said payroll tax cuts will be cut in half for small businesses and workers.

6:15p – He asks can we “stop the political circus and do something to actually help the economy?”  He said it’s time to return some of the fairness.  What fairness is he talking about?  He said the American Jobs Act should be passed right away and everything will be paid for.  Riiiiight.

6:13p – He said the millions of Americans listening right now (maybe a little generous about his viewership tonight) don’t care about politics.  So perhaps he should stop playing political games.

6:11p – He finally begins.

6:08p – President Obama enters the House chamber, he’s expected to speak up to 45 minutes, I’m sure we’re all overjoyed to hear yet another primetime speech from him.

Whew, just got to my computer in time to watch President Obama’s *highly* anticipated speech to a joint session of Congress to introduce his job plan.  I’ll comment, you’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section.  Just be sure to refresh your browser to catch the updates.  You can also watch his speech below.

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