Ok, ok…….NOW she’s a quitter.

Back when Govenor Palin resigned as Alaska’s “Grizzly in Chief” after a judicial assult compiled of several lawsuits against her, Palin fans were relieved, because she did not need to be put needlessly through the media and judicial ringer any more, because she was needed later for a larger calling; to defeat Obama in the election of 2012.

Resignation was not seen as “quitting”, it was a strategic, maneuver, a rope-a-dope, around the anti-Palin crowd….she wasn’t quitting, she was “outflanking”.

Well, Palin did indeed have a clear message last night when she announced she would not run in the 2012 Election. That message was typical no-nonsense Palin, even though she said it with different words.

“Hey Media…… win.”

“Palinista’s” like me are very disappointed, and frankly are very worried about the future of this country. Yes, we believed she was running, we believed she “decided” to run the day she resigned as Governor. We believed her movie “The Undefeated”, (now destined for the $1.99 bargin basket as WalMart), was an introduction and explanation of the candidate for the campaign, a campaign that was going to be a very clear, and I mean VERY clear choice of Liberal vs. Conservative, Pro vs. Anti Government, Good vs. Evil.

Yes, I said evil. Many of us believed Sarah was called by someone MUCH higher than McCain into the political world, and it was God’s way of telling America, “This is your last chance USA, I’m giving you a very, very clear choice, Palin vs. Obama…..CHOOSE”. Sarah’s popularity was not cult of personality, (unless every average woman with a “PTA mom” persona has a cult following), it was that she was authentic, devoid of ego, simply wanting to do the right thing.

I have what’s called a “phone-book” philosophy on politics. I believe, strike that, I KNOW the country would be better off if we chose our Congressmen and Presidents randomly out of the phonebook instead of electing them. Let’s face it, it takes a lot of ego to run for Congress, as well as President. Regular people don’t wake up one day and say, “Ya’ know what, I think I deserve to be leader of the free world”. And it takes a lot of ego to take peoples hard earned money in donations, thinking “I’m worth it, gimme, gimme, gimme”! And the Ego of every candidate is what nudges them to “get along” and “play politics” when in office. It’s more important to be seen “as” President, and a distant second place to actually do the “work“ as President. The phonebook method would virtually eliminate the “Ego” quotient of the equation.

Sarah would have been our “Phonebook” candidate.

She was called up to be in the spotlight, she didn’t seek it. Sure, it took confidence to run for governor, but we know she would not have run for President; she was a God loving mom first, (and that’s probably why she quit), and would not have “needed” to be President. (i.e. she herself was the “reluctant” candidate Sarah talked so often about while campaigning for others in 2010)

Electing Sarah President would have been like electing our good friend and neighbor as President. Something the elites laugh uproariously at, but what we “regular” people know is desperately needed in Washington.

There were only two people in the wide field that were worthy of trust. My definition of “trust” involves both trust that the candidate will do what they say and say what they do, with no fear from us of their personal corruption as a result of ego and general corrupted personality to “play politics”, but also the proven experience standing up for what you believe in the line of fire, that Palin proved in Alaska taking on the oil companies. I “trust” Cain and Bachmann, but both are dreadfully inexperienced, so that I don’t “trust” them in actually getting the job done. Palin earned that trust in Alaska.

Now that Palin’s gone, the only other person I trust to do what he says is Ron Paul.

Heaven help us!

Paul’s shocking naivete in the August 11th debate when he was fine with Iran having the bomb, saying it is natural for Iran to want a bomb as it is surrounded by countries such as India, Pakistan and Israel which all have one, giving Iran the same respect a spoiled kid gets when he wants the toy all the other kids have, makes us realize how badly Palin was needed. I trusted Palin to take on the establishment and try to save the country, and I trust Paul to be a Whack-a-Doo-in-Chief.

In Palin’s case, I pray that SHE prayed, and that this is indeed her destiny. In her statement she said “ I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office”. All I can say is “good luck with that”. The importance of Palin was that she was NOT a carnival barker type politician, and she didn’t need the “kingmakers” in politics to support her, she could “outflank” the Establishment. She’s a regular person, and it was going to be a great blessing for America to get a “regular” person in the White House. I don’t need her insight who to vote for, I’ll ask my PTA mom down the street who to vote for, common sense is common sense, it’s everywhere but Washington!

And now she wants to be a “Kingmaker” in Tea Party clothes? Liberals didn’t like her, the Independents didn’t really know more that the tidbits the press fed them, (which she could have countered in the campaign) we Conservatives were waiting very patiently,and now she dissed us.

Who’s left to listen?

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  1. Oh get your thumb out of your…mouth…and stop complaining.  Sarah didn’t quit because she never declared she was running.  She has said all along that she was considering it and it would be left up to her family to decide.  Are you part of her family?  She doesn’t owe you or anyone else anything!  Her priorities have not changed.  She is a private citizen and has been since resigning from her office as Governor.  I think all they people that claimed to be Palinistas that are now jumping on the hate wagon just reinforces her resolve.  We don’t deserve her.

  2. Two issues here:

    A.  She’s not running either because The Machine got to her, or she started to drink her own cool-aid.  She caved, regardless.
    B. The way she handled the “big announcement” was lame, classless and disrespectful to her supporters, especially those who’d altered their lives for her and who found out she’s not running “from newspapers”.
    Due to these two issues, her  relevance took a severe blow and is unlikely to recover. If she truly believes the country just needs another inarticulate sideline cheerleader, she’s not the person I supported, donated to and rooted for through thick and thin. By blowing her shot at greatness, she has settled for being a footnote.

  3. Just because you disagree with Ron Paul does not make him a naive.  Many, many people agree with his position on Iran because we are sick and tired of neocons dragging us into unjust wars.  I am a military veteran; I suspect you are not.  If you were, you would understand that to be pro-peace and against unjust wars is not only not a naive position but also an honorable one.  But I guess you’re okay with letting others go off to the Middle East and die for the neocons.  Ron Paul is pro-freedom and pro-pleace.

  4. Your lymbic system clearly overpowers your frontal lobe in ways that distort how you perceive reality.

  5. For all the people who “assumed” she was running, we all know what assuming does! I never understood nationwis groups organizing for someone who never said she was running for sure and never asked them to organize in the first place. If you respect Sarah for being a God fearing woman, then realize that this IS God’s will and you need to seek wisdom in who God would have you support, and not “trust” in your flesh.

    1. I didn’t “assume” Sarah Palin was running; it just seemed very clear to me she WAS running. Why? Because in February, she hired Michael
      Glassner as her chief of staff, and in May, she hired Peter Schweizer, a fellow
      at the Hoover Institution, as her foreign policy adviser. Why hire those people if you weren’t gearing up for a run. To me, it was just a matter of when she was going to declare her candidacy.

      I don’t know how she withstood the most vile and nasty treatment aimed at her and her entire family for three solid years. I’m a mother and grandmother, and I can tell you that I would have folded long ago. So I can appreciate her reasons to not run, and, with a heavy heart, I accept it her decision. I don’t fault her, I don’t blame her, and I don’t think she dissed us, either. I still support Sarah Palin, and I still respect her. 

      But it does bring up the question of how will we ever convince decent, dedicated to run for office again knowing they may well be Palinized? 

  6. I can’t wait to see what God has for her next.  I believe she is doing God’s will.  I had no problem waiting to hear of her decision. From my own experience I know “waiting on God” can be a character building exercise that may make others uncomfortable, those who perceive us as being indecisive.  Her actions only solidified my belief that she is the real thing.  GO SARAH, and succeed in the mission that God has for you!

  7. As a Christian, wife and grandmother, who probably agrees with 90% of what Palin says I did not want her as leader of the free world.  Though I will agree she did do some hard and important things in AK there is still another side to this young mom.  Many refuse to look at this perhaps giving her a pass because of her beauty I don’t know. Sometimes Americans want image more than substance.

      Her ratings in AK plumeted after her failed run with McCain in ’08 and as she tried to equate quitting with fighting and unwisely many people/Chrisitans decided this was the only way for her.  She went on to make millions of dollars, which is ok if that is your goal but she is a young mom with young children still at home.  How one can say ‘family first” but is busy traveling all around the country is beyond me. Are we to just be Christians in “name” only? And what about the oath she took to serve the people of AK? What about her first comittment to her family?

    The story to be told isn’t just her accomplishments in AK but who she is as a person. Too many of those that worked side by side with her in AK have a different story to tell. Those of the blogging world-who didn’t really know her but wanted to believe she was someone heaven sent refuse to look at what she does more than what she says.  Is everything written about her true- -probably not-but neither is this heroine character that many have tried to attach to her to suggest she will save this country.  Especially by those that don’t know her any better than just commenting.

    There are many quotes by Palin that say she will not forsake AK-but she did. There are quotes by her that say-family first-but she is never home always traveling and speaking.  There were many things said and done to lead people to believe she WAS going to run for President-but she didn’t.  The excuses made by her “followers” were just that “excuses.” One has to only look at her actions to see this-and they didn’t line up with her words.

    The strengthing and fortification of the American family can only be done internally and that takes being there and being present for that to happen-Sarah needs to go home and finish raising her family for the sake of America.  We can get America back on track one family at a time-but that takes commitment!


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