Herman-Cain-Bows-OutHerman Cain is now officially out having announcing the suspension of his campaign today.  I’m not surprised, and believed he needed to get out amidst the accusation of an extra-marital affair.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

Herman Cain ended his Quixotic bid for the White House on Saturday, telling hundreds of supporters in Atlanta the path to victory no longer was passable.

Cain said the onslaught of accusations of sexual harassment and marital infidelity has caused too much of a strain on his marriage and that after discussing it with his wife, Gloria, they agreed it was time to focus on their family.

“As of today with a lot off prayer and soul searching I am suspending my presidential campaign,” Cain said, his wife standing behind him. “Because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family, not because we’re not fighters.

But Cain said he “will not be silenced and I’m not going away.”

He plans to run an ideas website of sorts as his plan B, and I’m sure continue to try to sell his book though I think he’ll have to add another chapter to end his campaign memoirs.  Now the million dollar question is who will benefit?  Not Mitt Romney.  The winnowing of the field will always be bad news for him, especially in Iowa.  Now who will receive the Lion’s share of his support?  “Conventional wisdom” would say Newt Gingrich, but this doesn’t seem to be a conventional election cycle.  Gingrich still lacks organization, and that is absolutely necessary to win Iowa.  He is gaining ground in New Hampshire so Gingrich could be a surprise winner there which would not make Iowa vital for him.  This will be interesting to see as every candidate seeks to reach out to Cain’s supporters.


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  1. Herman Cain is out?????  Sorry, I don’t care how many male accusers come forward–I will still have a difficult time believing that one!!  😉

    Seriously, like you and a lot of others, I’m not completely shocked.  But what I am shocked by is the reaction some conservative folks are having to Cain’s withdrawal.  Alveda King, for instance, is extolling the virtues of St. Herman and outraged and deeply saddened that the liberal media have taken yet another hit on a strong black conservative and upright man of God.  Unfortunately, many others seem to share her view.  I just don’t get it–does an atom bomb have to go off in front of some people before they can even halfway see the truth???  I really don’t why I continue to be amazed at this kind of thing, but I just am.  All I can say is that these people have no business leading others if they can’t even connect the dots on something that has become almost completely obvious IMO.    

    That’s a good question about who will benefit the most now.  I honestly don’t know, but I do think the party as a whole definitely benefits from no longer having a carnival act for everyone to gawk at.  😉

  2. Since you raised the question of who will benefit from Cain’s departure…do you have any wild speculations?  I tend to think Bachmann and Santorum are the most likely beneficiaries.  If they split Cain’s support, things may not change much.  But if one or the other gathers the majority (particularly if it’s Bachmann) I could see another major ranking shuffle in the future.

    1. Gingrich is surging. If Cain’s “flavor” was black walnut, I guess this month’s flavor is “frost-burned vanilla with metal filings”.

  3. I am not as sorry to see Herman Cain drop out as I am of the reasons that brought it about. I would have much rather seen the issues take a stronger role, rather than a candidate’s personal issues. Not that the personal issues aren’t important too, but the issues are what should drive a campaign.

  4. Cain blows up. Man bites dog.

    As to “who benefits”? The country at large. If the rest of the field polling >3% dropped out we’d get maximal benefit. Although, given that at one time Cain was leading in the polls I have some doubts about the critical discernment of primary/caucus voters.

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