I don’t watch Jay Leno so I had to hear about this after the fact.  Jay Leno had Congressman Ron Paul on his show last Friday night.  I find it fascinating that Paul who recently told Bill O’Reilly he doesn’t like demagogues directed some demagoguery toward Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.  Listen below:

I find it interesting that here we have a Republican candidate who identifies himself as a conservative using a tactic utilized by the left.  Namely demonize your opponents, drop the racist/classist/bigot card instead of engaging the issue.

He said that Bachmann hates Muslims and wants to “go get them.”  Leno said that that for Santorum with gay people, “it’s the end of the world for him.”  Paul replied, “gays and Muslims.”  Bachmann has never said she hates Muslims.  Also disagreeing with gay marriage it doesn’t mean that it is “the end of the world” for that person.

Congressman Paul could have taken the high-road and talked about policy differences, but instead demeaned his opponents for some cheap laughs.  Really classy.

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