Some items of interest for the week.

1.  Rick Santorum’s New England College Gay Marriage Exchange

This exchange below was held at College Convention 2012 at New England College in Concord, NH and was open to college students from all over the state regardless of political party.

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Santorum employs Socratic questioning when making his case and tried to be engaging on the subject.  He makes a great point to that those who want to change the law need to do so by making a positive argument.  By the way, being booed doesn’t mean he lost the argument; it means the liberals in the room can’t have a rational discussion and don’t know how to behave properly.

2. My appeal to New Hampshire Primary voters.

I wrote a guest post at, a likeminded conservative blog in New Hampshire.  I gave three reasons why the Iowa Caucus results should matter to the Granite State.  Go check it out.

3.  Herman Cain’s endorsement

It’s coming January 19th!  It’s going to be unconventional, whatever that means.  He wants to try to influence the South Carolina primary.  Will his endorsement matter?

4.  Santorum Super PAC’s Super Ad Buy in South Carolina

They just released the following ad entitled “Pride” which will air in the Greenville, Charleston, and Columbia markets.


They have spent $190,000 in South Carolina after spending $537,000 in Iowa.  It’s refreshing to see that they are staying positive, unlike Ron Paul which brings up my next item:

5.  The Most Negative Campaign Award

Goes to Ron Paul.  It may explain why his public sentiment has gone in the tank.

Somewhat related I received a “In Case Your Missed It” presser from the Paul campaign the day of the Iowa Caucus really took the cake.  They were touting an endorsement… ok, fine.  It was from Rick Santorum’s 19-year-old nephew, John Garver.

The fact that his nephew would publically bash his uncle I believe says more about him than it does Santorum.  Look if I ever ran for office I know there are people in my family who would never vote for me because rarely does everyone in a family agree politically.  The same goes for me with some members of my family.  That said I would never, ever come out with a negative statement against them.

Family comes before politics.  Shame on the Paul campaign for promoting this.  I highly doubt anyone changed their vote on the basis of a 19-year-old’s opinion.  Tell you what, go get a job, have some life experience, and then tell me how to vote.

Santorum’s response was great: “I love my nephew.  I have 35 nieces and nephews, so one out of 35 is pretty good as far as I’m concerned.  He’s a Ron Paul supporter, God bless him.  I mean, it’s a phase.  I understand we all go through those things.   God bless Johnny, it’s wonderful.”

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