We’ve had this problem ever since the 2000 elections when a vote for Pat Buchanan was really a vote for Al Gore. But apparently putting in high-tech voting machines doesn’t seem to be helping. We need someone to put out voter guides telling us how to get our votes to register for the right person, for Newt Gingrich is now saying that

“a vote for Santorum or Perry is a vote for Romney”

Back in 2008, I was told by the Romney supporters that

“a vote for Huckabee was a vote for McCain”

This whole thing is leaving me with lots of questions about the 2012 presidential race.

If I get off my couch and vote for you, Newt, who gets that vote, Nancy Pelosi?

So to get my vote to register for Santorum, do I really have to vote for Romney, the guy he endorsed in 2008?

What if I desire to vote for Rick Perry, must I vote for Rudy Giuliani, even
though he never got in this time (and barely got in last time)?

Who do I vote for if I want to vote for you Speaker Gingrich, Jon Huntsman?

Finally, if I am so foolish as to want Romney to be president, who
do I vote for again?  Mike Huckabee?  I get so confused.

It will get worse this fall, if we have any third-party candidates.

I can hear it now: A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Barack Obama.

I’ve got a great idea. Let’s let our votes count for the people we voted for.  This ain’t Chicago, people.

Oh…. never mind.

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