Not since General Sherman marched on Florence has the citizens of the fair city been so rudely treated by a person from the North. Romney has burnt the goodwill of the local Republican party like Sherman burned plantations. This past Tuesday while Gingrich entertained a standing room only crowd at the Art Trails Gallery, Romney was embarrassed to be seen in an empty ballroom. The seeds for his humiliation were sown by an advance team who treated local volunteers in a condescending manner giving the members of the local party only 24 hours notice of the event.

Having only scant hours to work due to the fact that the volunteers had been working for the party at the Myrtle Beach debate. Getting into their cars, these faithful volunteers rushed back to Florence to be at the event which was scheduled for 6:30am. The local volunteers put the event on Facebook, Twitter, and emailed 1500 people to tell them about the event.

Party volunteers, several party officers and executive committee members were left standing in the cold and rain when they arrived at 6:30am to help the Romney Campaign but the Romney staff refused to let them in the facility leaving them in the freezing cold and wet weather.  Once they were finally allowed into the facility, the know-it-all staff exhited the arrogance to which we have become accoustumed from the White House by telling the faithful members their services were not needed.  To add insult to injury, the campaign then further insulted the party by not allowing the local Chairman of the party to introduce the candidate. Her Highness, Mrs. Romney introduced His Majesty, Mr. Romney to the crowd.  The other candidates had allowed local party officials to introduce them. Perhaps if they had been his old buddies from Bain, they would have been treated better.

The Romney staff then escorted the chairman and vice chairman to a back area where they were told they would be¬†meeting and talking with the candidate. ¬†When they requested that another¬†party official be allowed to join them they were told “No We are fine and we will not add anyone!” After 20 minutes of waiting, Mitt Romney ran by them faster than Cale Yarborough at the Darlington Speedway as he jumped on the stage. He barely acknkowledged the chairman and the vice chairman as well as her five year old daughter. Unlike other candidates who thanked the volunteers and party officials for their help, Romney did not. Afterwards, ¬†they were ¬†dismissed and told if they wanted to stand there they might have an audience with his Majesty after the event. The party officials politely excused themselves to attend the other events that day.introduce them to the citizens of Florence.

Romney has displayed in Florence the same shortcomings of the present administration. He comes across as arrogant and dismissive. It seems Romney thinks he can win the nomination without a South Carolina victory. Gingrich is gaining ground in the latest polls. Romney has flip-flopped on important issues more than a big mouth bass trying to get out of a boat. It looks like he would treat each contest more seriously. It is now questionable whether he won Iowa and he should have won New Hampshire. If he had lost New Hampshire which is in his backyard it would have been a bigger upset than Appalachian State beating Michigan. It seems after being trounced in 2008 by McCain, Romney would have put more effort into winning South Carolina. Maybe his Majesty does not realize that South Carolina is a true test of his candidacy.

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