Trayvon Martin

Well, I figure it’s about time to weigh in on the travesty and mess that is happening in Florida with the killing of Trayvon Martin.  The whole thing has become blown up by an over zealous media pouring gasoline on the ever-burning flame of racial tension.  The biggest tragedy in this whole thing is that yet another young man is now dead, followed closely by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media and population…but things are not always as they appear or as we are told.

New details are being released nearly every moment that are beginning to provide a much clearer picture of what happened back in February.  Also, details about Trayvon and George themselves are coming to light – details everyone SHOULD pay attention to before coming to their own conclusions.  Here are a few:

  • Though being touted as a “white-on-black” crime, Mr. Zimmerman is in fact Hispanic.  He also has several black family members.  Also, both he and his wife worked with minority students as tutors and mentors.
  • With folks like the Miami Heat, Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson showing “support” for Trayvon before knowing all the facts also add fuel to the fire.  I put support is quotes because they aren’t really supporting Trayvon’s grieving family, but making judgments on what they think happened.
  • Not all NAACP and AA folks are in agreement on this.
  • Trayvon was in fact suspended 3 times within the past year for various offenses.  By no means does that mean he deserved to be shot, but it does provide more evidence to the issue at hand…meaning he wasn’t squeaky clean.
  • New witnesses and evidence are coming forward that are providing new evidence to the case.
George Zimmerman

I’ve listened the 911 audio and there is something amiss with the way and reason Zimmerman decided to follow and potentially chase Trayvon.  He should have let it go…just like the dispatcher told him to!  Trayvon may have very well thought this guy was chasing him to cause him harm…and thus “defended” himself by fighting with George.  Both of those things are not necessarily criminal.  But, the reason we should not rush to judgement in cases like these, is that it takes time for the system to work; and although it’s not a perfect system, it’s about the best in the entire world – so let’s have a little bit of trust within it.

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