How important is family discipleship?

I’m excited to be blogging for Caffeinated Thoughts.  I’ve been a blogger for several years – most recently with Cory Center for Children’s Ministry – and am excited to have an outlet for my thoughts.  Here’s a little bit of my story:  I grew up a pretty normal kid, went to church every week, went to public school from K through 12th grade, went away to a private Christian college, got a job in the field of social work, got married, had a couple of kids (well, 5 soon to be 6 actually), answered the call to ministry, started attending Seminary, had a few more kids and continued to expand from there.  I recently left (sort of) a vocational ministry position as a Children’s Pastor and am pursuing social media management and a financial career with Primerica.

So, why do I mention all that?  Well, to show that I’m just an average guy who is trying to figure out how this whole family ministry idea works.  I’m trying to figure out how  it fits within the framework we are to follow as Bible-believing Christians.  As a Christian, my main concern is “What does the Bible have to say about this?”  After that, I wonder how I can encourage and help others as they struggle with the concepts of family ministry and discipleship.

Therefore,  as a leader, I take what God is teaching me and attempt to share that with other families.  I pray together we can improve the current state of the church and it’s discipleship process.  And make no mistake, parenting is about discipleship!  Everything I do (or don’t do) with my kids should be aimed at teaching them to Love God and Love Others.  And because that responsibility falls on parents, everything we do as Christ-followers and church leaders should be aimed at equipping THEM to fulfill that responsibility.

Some of what I hope to blog about is:

  •   Just how important is Family Discipleship?
  •   Styles or Methods of Family Ministry
  •   The Primary Plan for Evangelism & Discipleship
  •   The link between church & family
  •   Should children worship with their parents?
  •   A picture of inter-generational faithfulness

So, pull up a chair, grab your coffee mug and let’s have some great discussion.  If I can ever help you in anyway, just give a shout out!

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