atheist-bus_1217553cThe Gospel Coalition published an excerpt from an ebook from Patheos Press entitled True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism.  The book featured chapters from different authors such as: noted philosopher William Lane Craig and popular apologist Sean McDowell, along with Tom Gilson, Carson Weitnauer, John DePoe, Chuck Edwards, Matthew Flannagan, Peter Grice, Randy Hardman, David Marshall, Glenn Sunshine, David Wood, and Samuel Youngs. The excerpt they published they titled “The Irony of Atheism.”  One passage from this excerpt written by Carson Weitnauer reads:

The contrasts are clear: atheists claim that religion is the main barrier to reason. Christians believe our capacity to reason comes from being created in the image of an all-knowing God, and the active use of reason is an important way to honor him. Atheists brand themselves as a community united by reason. Christians marvel at how this group rallies together even as their most prominent leader, Richard Dawkins, argues that evolution favors the selfish gene, not the reasonable group. Atheists work hard to eradicate religion for the sake of a brighter future. Christians are amazed that atheists so blissfully ignore the scientific fact that, if religion is a false consolation, the future always ends in death.

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