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What do you think of NBC’s Olympic coverage?

So, this has been on my mind since nearly the beginning of this year’s Olympic Opening Ceremonies: Is NBC biased in their coverage of the Olympic Games? This has been a hot topic for nearly two weeks now…and for good reason.  I mean besides the simple gaffes and taped delays of coverage saved for “Prime Time,” there seems to be something else going behind the scenes. Here are a few examples:

NBC Olympic Logo
What do you think of NBC’s Olympic coverage?
  • NBC chose to skip an entire portion of the Opening Ceremonycentered around honoring the 52 victims of the London terrorist attack  in 2005, they chose to show an interview of Michael Phelps by Ryan Seacrest. Their response:  The tribute wasn’t about America or Americans. Yeah, like any other part of the ceremony was, or EVER is -unless of course America is the host country!  But yet, they found time to show the entire portion espousing the nationalized healthcare of Great Britain!
  • Then, NBC also chose to air the video of the American flag falling down during gold medal ceremony of Serena Williams. Now, it may have happened live, but I saw it in the evening airing and it was recorded. Why did they bother to re-air that – is it perhaps based on a bias and feeling they have regarding our country?
  • Lastly, NBC decided to expound on openly gay diver Matthew Mitcham from Australia. I didn’t see this live – though my family did – and thought it was rather odd to do a whole little cameo about it. So, I began to search on the internet about it. Come to find out, they took several lumps in 2008 for NOT talking about it. Guess we know who they are trying to win over, eh?  (And don’t forget the new series “The New Normal” coming soon!!!  As if we could forget it after seeing the previews 5-10 times each evening!)

So, have you noticed any other biases, gaffes, or blatant pushing of a particular agenda during this year’s Olympics?

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