Former Arkansas Governor and Fox News host, Mike Huckabee, spoke at The FAMiLY Leader’s Leadership Summit in Waukee, IA.  He said that one of the greatest fears that someone could have is to be alone.  He believes that traditional values voters often feel alone.  He said that with Chick-fil-A appreciation day while people stood and waited in those long lines people realized they were not alone.

He said the purpose of Chick-fil-A day wasn’t about chicken sandwiches or even Chick-fil-A, it was about standing up to governmental abuse of power and free speech.

This wasn’t about Dan Cathy or something he said.  It was about when mayors in United States cities actually used the position of power and authority that they held and said that they wouldn’t welcome a company because someone affiliated with the company had a point of view that they disagreed with.  And a lot of us said, “Whoa!  it is one thing to disagree.  It’s one thing to even argue and to call names.”  But to begin to use the power of government to put your boot on our throat and to tell us to shut up and go away and we are not welcome in places where we still have to pay taxes.  There were a lot of us who said, “that is a bridge too far.”

Huckabee referenced 1 Kings 19 when the prophet Elijah fled from Jezebel saying he felt alone. He felt that he was the only one.  He said those standing in lines on August 1st discovered that they were not alone.  “There are a bunch of us who have not yet bowed before the false gods of this world, who have not yet decided it is ok to kill unborn children, that it is not ok for us to automatically, arbitrarily and artificially change the definition of marriage,” Huckabee said.  “You need to get up out from under that Juniper tree and realize that the fight is not over yet.”

He said that Christians must be faithful in their political involvement.

When is it that we are going to understand that are not playing by the simple and sometimes ridiculously ugly rules of mere human politics, but rather something far bigger than that.  And God has not called us to see if we can beat the other side, but the ultimate thing to find out whether or not we are faithful.

He noted that we are not to believe that the challenges that our country faces can be fixed by politics.

We could change the entire political landscape of America, but I am convinced more than I have ever been convinced that just electing different people to run the show doesn’t change the script.  We still need as a community to get back to the place where we understand that we are a nation under God, conceived by His own grace and purpose and when he turn our backs on His purpose and His providence it doesn’t matter who we elect we will still be wanting and wishing and we will not be the nation we were designed and destined to be.

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  1. Huckabee had the best idea of the year with CFA Appreciation day. Now, what we need are voter registration drives at CFA – if only people took the same kind action in November!

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