I’ve never raised money for a political candidate in my life and I don’t know how to bake cookies. But I can do both pretty easily with online fundraising sites and the virtual reality of the internet. Today, I am motivated to do just that for Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO).

Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin was minding his own business when he stepped in a mess. He got his shoes a little dirty when he started discussing the likelihood of a woman getting pregnant in case of rape. His only “legitimate” mistake was going there. It was unnecessary. He could have skipped all that and got right to the point he was trying to make in the first place: NO Abortions are justifiable on the basis of rape.  It wouldn’t matter if pregnancy occurred in one out of seven million rapes or in one out of seven. We don’t kill babies because of what their fathers did: period.

Nevertheless, the GOP version of the mafia (Mitt Romney, Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, and Haley Barbour) have used this distracting issue to send out its goon squads. They not only withdrew support they had earlier pledged to Akin, but tried to bully him into getting out of the Missouri Senate race, supposedly because he could not win.  Now that he leads in some polling, they admit that they would rather lose the Senate than support his campaign. Priebus said “It can be tied, we aren’t going to send him a penny”

Randy Davis, Chris Levi, and more than a dozen others are doing something about it.  We are holding a virtual bake sale, which begins next Monday, September 24th and runs through the 29th of September. It is very simple. Visit one of the Bakin4Akin Bake Sale sites (all over the country) next week and pick some goodies to “buy”. For example, I will be offering NoClaires at $10 a dozen (Akin’s Democratic opponent is Claire McCaskill). Simply “buy” the item by going to the Facebook page, notifying the baker, then going to the Bakin4Akin donor site and donating the amount offered for the “baked good”. Of course, no calories or carbs actually exchange hands (though I am sure you can ask for the recipe!).  You may also create your own Bakin4Akin Facebook event and invite your conservative friends.

This is so important.  If you are pro-life, pro-family and fiscally conservative (Akin scores well on every traditional GOP issue), Akin needs to know he has the support of grassroots conservatives and the GOP needs to know we won’t be intimidated by its jackbooted thugs when it comes to doing what is right.

Todd Akin will be a voice for the unborn, for the taxpayer, for the gun owner, and for marriage. Now go out there and buy a dozen Do-Nut Drop-Outs or some other Tastry for Todd and get on the Bakewagon.


www.facebook.com/Bakin4Akin    (Bakin4Akin Facebook Page)

http://www.facebook.com/groups/453077471398465  (Bakin4Akin Facebook Group)

http://www.facebook.com/events/268356663281932/ (Virtual Bake Sale)

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