Michael Farris
Chairman of Home School Legal Defense Association

Mitt Romney has been invited to speak in the past at Value Voter’s conferences. One of the many reasons given to vote for Mitt Romney is that he supposedly shares the values or worldview of many on the Christian Right. This does not bode well, if we share his values. Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, joins that chorus in essentially endorsing Romney. He denies that it is an endorsement and claims it is only a public proclamation of who he intends to vote for.  This is his prerogative, of course, but it makes no practical difference. When a man of his stature tells us who he is voting for and why, it becomes every bit as influential as an endorsement. His Facebook post with the essay has been shared 600 times already.

Mike Huckabee too chimed in this week reiterating his view that we share fundamental values with Romney:

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be a “pro-life president…We have two very different world views represented with these two candidates.”

Governor, I respectfully disagree.

So, the question remains. Which values does Romney have that we as Christians hold?  Like Farris, I share the first part of this by sharing what I will do, rather than what I think others should do. That too, however, is a silly distinction. When I publicly tell you who I am going to vote for and go to such great lengths to tell you why, it is because I want others to join me.  If it were for “information purposes” only, I could easily keep my intentions secret or simply say “I am voting for Romney” and leave it at that.  Because I think my reasons are sound, and Biblically reasoned, I share them here.  I could be wrong.  But show me, from the SCRIPTURES.  So, while I say what I am going to do, understand clearly that I want you to join me.

I cannot vote for Romney because I am a Christian. I cannot vote for him because he does not share my values, nor can he, for he is not a believer.

What fellowship, says God’s word, hath darkness with light? He does not recognize the Bible as authoritative. He believes in many gods. He believes he will be one of them. HE BELIEVES that God was once a man. He believes that God has a father and mother. 

He believes it is okay to kill tens of thousands of babies just because their fathers were criminals. Just three weeks ago he said he won’t protect babies whose mothers are sick of carrying them*.  He thinks having Boy Scout leaders who are homosexual is a good idea. Now which important values is it that I am supposed to consider like my own? According to many Scriptures, a civil leader must Fear God, Kiss the Son and believe in the Ten Commandments (even if he keeps them poorly). Romney does none of these things. He is not qualified to be president. Period.

For those of you who still hold to Biblical values but have voted for–or intend to vote for–Romney, I ask a couple of sets of questions.

First, where do you draw the line? Romney is a polytheist (many gods). Would you vote for an atheist? A Satanist? A Wiccan? A Scientologist? Surely one’s worldview affects how one rules doesn’t it?

Second, how many babies does Romney have to say he will not protect before you will say enough is enough.  He has already said that he will “protect and defend” a woman’s right to choose to kill her children if she is sick and tired of carrying her them, which means “every abortion”.  (This was two weeks ago, not years ago, before his “conversion”). He, his wife, and his sister have all said you will have to look elsewhere to find someone who will lift one finger to protect one unborn child.

No, I cannot ask God to have this man rule over me.(and you shouldn’t either)


*Strangely, Farris gives Romney a “2” on abortion on a scale of 1-4, suggesting that Romney is willing to “listen to us.”  





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