In his most recent post, David Shedlock suggests that Christians who support Mitt Romney don’t trust God:

 They have tried to bind your consciences by suggesting that doing the right thing and trusting God will bring about great evil. This is madness.

It is interesting note that most Christian leaders and advocate for the pro-life cause including Mike Huckabee (who wrote the foreword to Shedlock’s book) and Rick Santorum support Mitt Romney for President. To suggest that the vast majority of pro-life activists  who have spent decades of selfless service in the cause of life and standing up for God in the public square lack trust in God seems unfair and I’d say unjust.

I do trust God. If our nation hurdles into bankruptcy, if we lose our religious liberty, if millions more unborn slaughtered each year, the promises of God are all “yes and amen.” If America ceases to exist as we know it, God is still God and his mercies endure forever. I trust in the promises of God.

However, I do not presume to charge God with something he has not promised. There is a fine line between faith and presumption. Trust is a response to the promises of God. If we’re out of work, we can trust that God is our provider.

Presumption is not based on the promises of God. If I assume that God will provide for my family without me looking for work, that’s presumption because he never promised me that.  If I trust that God will keep me healthy despite living an unhealthy style that has consequences, I have presumed something God never promised.

And I fear the same is true with this election. God has not promised us, “Next time, you’ll have a better choice.” Perhaps if he had, I’d consider not voting for Mitt Romney. Maybe, it’ll even work out that way.  However, we’ve not been promised that by God. Indeed, as I look at Governor Christie, the idea that comes to my mind is, “Vote Romney, lest a worst thing come upon you.”

What we have before us is a choice. On one hand, we have a candidate who has promised us to end America’s role as the International abortion missionary, who has promised to defund Planned Parenthood, and appoint judges who will likely overturn Roe v. Wade and on the other we have the candidate of abortion on demand, right up to the point of killing newborn infants who survive the process.

Beyond, the abortion issue, we have a candidate in Mitt Romney whose stated policies will save lives and end the fiscal recklessness of the Obama Administration which threatens the lives, health, and safety of millions not only in the United States but around the world.

Now maybe, there is some promise of God that I have missed that assures me that God will give us a better choice next time, he’ll save us from the devastation of our fiscal irresponsibility and the moral bankruptcy of the Obama Administration. But I don’t see it anywhere in the book.

I trust God but he has called us to act wisely in this world. It is a fine line, it is a difficult balance between trust and wisdom, but I believe that the best choice in this election is Mitt Romney, and whether Romney is elected or not, I’ll trust God to still keep the promises he’s made to us.

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  1. Great perspective Adam. Religious passivity and sanctimony have never done anything for our nation. I hope that Christians will hear your message and cast an enlightened vote.

  2. Wendy – You seem to feel that the appointments that Romney would make are no different that the ones that Obama has already made. Really?

    1. I’m certain they would be extremely deferential to businesses. Other than that there is little to believe anything Romney has said he will do. He has demonstrated time and again that he simply lies. There are few issues where Mitt has not flipped or simply lied about in a purely opportunistic, ‘whatever gets him ahead at the time’ manner.

      Zero integrity.

  3. Adam, the first quote and title are disingenuous. It is obvious I was not challenging whether Romney backers are trusting God. The only issue was the title and substance of your original article: “Do Pro-lifers want to really save lives” which suggested that the only alternatives were voting for Romney or “being proud of ourselves,” impugning the motives of those who believe they cannot vote for an unbeliever and someone is not pro-life. Note that the consciences being bound, I spoke of, were those of the non-voters, not the Romney supporters, which the quote ou used clearly shows..

  4. I never said I was “waiting for a better choice.” I agree that may or may not ever happen. What I have suggested is that the Bible forbids one from voting for someone who does not Fear God, Kiss the Son, and uphold the Commandments. Neither candidate does so. Therefore I will not cast a ballot for president.

    I trust God, not presumptuously, but rather based upon God’s promise to take care of His church. We have no such promises concerning the country. I am doing what I believe to be right, according to that Word. I have had people try to cast demons out of me (and putting curses on me at the same time!), called a heretic for not voting for Romney, preemptively blamed for all the babies Obama refuses to protect, had it suggested that I am a secret Democratic plant trying to divide the GOP, and a whole host of other unimaginable evils and conspiracies. What has not been done is careful exegesis of the relevant places in the Bible dealing with civil magistrates, accompanied by legitimate application to our situation today. That might change my mind, but all the other nonsense is a waste of time.

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