iowa-state-capitol-domeWe had overwhelming bipartisan legislation pass through the Iowa House.  It passed on a 95-3 vote yesterday which is rare these days.  HF 535 states that gun permit holders names will be kept confidential.  A common sense bill which I’m glad both parties can see.

One group that seems like it’s sole purpose is to criticize other 2nd Amendment groups and to send out fundraising letters was called out from the Iowa House floor by State Representative Matt Windschitl (R-Missouri Valley) as reported by the Mason City Globe Gazette:

Rep. Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, called out the director of the Iowa Gun Owners for “not lifting a finger” to help pass legislation that keeps the names of firearm permit holders confidential. Aaron Dorr is the director of Iowa Gun Owners which bills itself as “Iowa’s only no compromise gun lobby.”

Windschitl is the sponsor and floor manager of HF 535 which would change the law to keep firearm permit holder names confidential. The bill earned wide bipartisan support in the House, passing 95-3. In his closing comments on the legislation, Windschitl said he saw an email from Dorr’s group taking at least partial credit for getting the bill passed. Windschitl said Dorr did not help move the legislation and instead credited the National Rifle Association, Iowa Firearm Coalition and the Iowa Sheriff’s and Deputies Association among other groups.

Yeah that sounds about their speed.  Groups like Iowa Gun Owners and on the pro-life side – Iowa Pro-Life Action are absolutely worthless when it comes to getting any legislation passed.  If they say they are accomplishing anything in that regard you can consider that a lie.  They have the ear of a small minority of legislators of which I can count on one hand.

Good for State Representative Windschitl for calling him out.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Emerson via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)

  1. Odd. I get regular e-mail updates from that group (Iowa Gun Owners) encouraging me to act, contact legislatures, etc. I’ve received 6 this month alone, 2 encouraging action on the legislation above. What constitutes support? I’m confused…

  2. This guy is an internet charlatan. I’ve read his ‘sky is falling, send me money’ emails for years now and all Aaron Dorr does is play the Monday morning quarterback role. IGO takes credit for other’s work and then asks you send the funding in order to continue their work.

    Aaron has found a lucrative paradigm as of late. He starts satellite advocacy groups where other successful and well known groups exist, mirrors them, and chooses extreme shock and awe tactics to push people into his fold. He’s done so with pro gun, pro life, and anti union, advocacy groups. According to filings, he’s starting more groups like this to fund his lifestyle. Can no one connect the dots here? As a person who was fired for sexual harassment from his Law Enforcement job out east, and whose father wins elections for people via slander and liable in days preceding elections, is Iowa surprised somehow with this type of behavior?

  3. Is there a way to find out where the donated money has gone since IGO is registered as a non-profit in Iowa?
    It is a shame if he has taken my money and done nothing at all but write emails.

    1. If he’s a non-profit he can serve to educate. They lobby, so they must be a 501(c)4 if they are a registered non-profit that is.

      You have to have a PAC in order to give money to campaigns. If this is the case you’ll find any donations here – With the rest you’ll have to ask them for documentation.

      1. Interestingly, IGOPAC has stockpiled about $20k in contributions and is sitting on it, who knows for what reason since we are now out of election season. If you contribute to this group, I would definitely do some more investigation…

        Their recent activity in 2012 and 2010 seems to consist mostly of giving $ to Sorenson, Massie, Shaw, Alons, and Pearson. The don’t have a very good track record of predicting winners.

      2. So when is Aaron Dorr going to respond to these charges? I can’t help but think I am wasting my money on IGO if he doesn’t respond and try to “set the record straight.”

      3. I think there’s probably a story (investigative) waiting to be told about what that money is doing just there. It’s certainly a lot of money to be gathered in donations during an election cycle without spending it out.

      4. I think there’s probably a story (investigative) waiting to be told about what that money is doing just sitting there. It’s certainly a lot of money to be gathered in donations during an election cycle without spending it!

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