Rod BlumCiting reports from multiple media outlets that members of Congress are currently in talks to exempt themselves from ObamaCare, Rod Blum, Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, says that Congress should never exempt itself from the Law of the Land.

“At a time when Iowans and Iowa businesses are already struggling trying to determine the impact ObamaCare will have on their families and employees, it is inexcusable that Congress would seek to exempt themselves from it,” said Blum. “Even Senate Finance Committee Chair, Max Baucus (D-MT) recently stated that Obamacare was ‘headed for a trainwreck’! Congressman Bruce Braley, who once said he was convinced Obamacare would be good for Iowa, backtracked on his strong support of the law, and admitted that ‘unfortunately, we don’t know right now’ how it impacts Iowans.”

“I’m proud that my fellow Iowan, Senator Chuck Grassley did the right thing in 2009 when he inserted an Amendment to the bill requiring Congress and their staff to participate in ObamaCare. Hopefully these reports will make sure that any attempts for exemption are met with swift public disapproval and talks are abandoned.”

“Rather than act as if they are above the law, what Congress should really do is exempt every single American from the monstrosity that is ObamaCare. Market based solutions to our health care challenges are a tried and true method for reducing costs and if we embrace these at state and national levels, costs will decrease while quality increases.”

  1. Any Federal law, including ObamaCare, can be changed, amended, or repealed, especially when the law is unworkable and flawed. Calling ObamaCare the “law of the land” suggests that it is permanent law; It isn’t.

  2. wow. what a useless article. you don’t even try to track down what it is the congress is supposedly exempting itself from.

      1. so it’s even more useless. it’s a press release that you’re just regurgitating. and i know it’s “obamacare”. what about it? you don’t say. you probably don’t even know because your job apparently consists of ctrl+c, ctrl+v

      2. No obviously you don’t see my stuff and blind since he referenced the issue – Obamacare. Also if you read the news you would know some members of Congress wanted an exemption to prevent a “brain drain.”
        That is what he was responding to.

      3. Also, since you’ve caught me in a bad mood and are essentially calling me ignorant – a personal attack not a substantive comment – you’ve been blacklisted. I pay the rent here so I don’t have to put up with the insults. I provided you with a link that you could have read. As far as calling this “my job” – gee I get paid for this? I already write on average 1-2 posts a day myself every weekday so unless it’s related to a story I’m already writing I put press releases up as is. I run a business… Caffeinated Thoughts is not what pays the bills.

  3. The Health Care “Reform” Bill is of, by, but not for the elites. ObamaCare was a sell-out by Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Co. to Big Insurance, pharma. It wasn’t a “start,” and replacing it would be better than leaving it, as costs will skyrocket more with ObamaCare in place than if it wasn’t and it will hurt seniors the most. And it isn’t “purist” to replace it – it’s sanity.
    Progressives know the truth about why ObamaCare must be replaced:

  4. “Market based solutions to our health care challenges are a tried and true method for reducing costs”

    Another lie perhaps? I bet you could prove it true.

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