My apologies for Caffeinated Thoughts being down for approximately 36 hours – it couldn’t have happened at a worst time as it happened right before I was to leave on a trip.  We identified a couple of plug-ins that were causing an additional load on a shared server that we are on.  Our hosts, understandably, did not appreciate this and had to suspend our site until the issue was dealt with.

You may also notice our home page looks different.  We have made changes (losing the featured slider, removing thumbnail pictures) in order to decrease the amount of time it takes our site loads for you.  We also now offer one list of posts based on the time they were published.  This also helps with load time, but also makes it easier for you to know when we’ve put new content up.  It may not be as flashy, but we hope that you’ll see improved speed which we believe is more important.

Thanks for your patience, and it’s good to be back.


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