Barack Obama

President Barack Obama and his administration is not this country’s biggest problem.

Let’s be clear, the Obama Administration’s runaway administration is certainly a problem on many levels, but it’s not the problem.

The distinction is an important one and not just a minor difference between articles. If Obama was the problem with America, then getting rid of Obama would solve the problem and our country would be fine. If President Obama were impeached tomorrow and removed from office by Sunday, America would still be buried under a mountain of debt, we would still have a job-destroying tax code, 25% of pregnancies would still be ended in abortion, we would still have a crisis of out of wedlock births, and we would still be a nation in decline.

Republican politicians want us to believe Obama is the problem. They begin fundraising letters and appeals votes by not telling us how they’re going to make the country better and fix the many problems and challenges we need to address, but simply that they will stop Obama or Obama-Pelosi from ruining the country. Looking at some of the bills that have come out of Congress since Republicans took control, I have to wonder who will stop John Boehner from ruining the country.

And you can bet in 2016, the Republican establishment will breathing down the neck of voters and we’ll here conservatives spouting nonsense about how we have to back Chris Christie or Jeb Bush to stop Obama.

We’ve been down this road before. I’ve been around long enough to remember back when Clinton was the problem. And Clinton and the Democrats needed to be defeated. We got rid of the Democrats and we got expanding entitlements and a culture of earmarks that was as offensive as anything Democrats during their 40 years in power, and then we got Obama as a result of that.

We are facing a culture and spiritual battle for the soul of this country. And the day Obama leaves office, it won’t go away. We need to be about ideas and making the country functionally better. We need political leaders who will do that.

Obama will be gone on January 20, 2017 but America will remain in serious trouble and we need to have leaders who will try and address those problems, not twiddle their thumbs, and hope for a new Democratic bogeyman to frighten the base so they can raise money and maintain their power.

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  1. The problem is that God got the boot long ago and the people are morally and more importantly, spiritually, bankrupt

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