Joni Ernst
Ernst at the 2012 IFC/NRA rally.
Joni Ernst
Ernst at the 2012 IFC/NRA rally.

(Des Moines, IA) In response to the Iowa Democratic Party’s recent derogatory statement toward Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Joni Ernst and her status as an Iowa carry concealed permit holder, Ernst issued the following statement:

“The Iowa Democratic Party clearly thinks that gun ownership is not only unsafe, but something to be made fun of. They can call me ‘Pistol Packin’ Joni’ all they want. I’ll accept it with pride. What I can’t accept is the assault on gun rights that Bruce Braley and the Iowa Democratic Party are waging on Iowans. As they said themselves, they think gun ownership is unsafe, so it’s not surprising they are trying to take our guns away. I’d expect that kind of backward thinking from New York liberals, but I would hope for better from Iowans. It just shows you how out of touch Braley and the leadership of the Iowa Democratic Party have become.”

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  1. I am a hard-core supporter of the second amendment and appreciate that all four of the viable GOP candidates for U.S. Senate are supporting gun owners. In fact, I find it offensive and unconstitutional that I have to get a permit to exercise this basic right.

    While the Democrats may be looney in their attack of Joni Ernst on this, I do take issue with how Senator Ernst publicize her own carrying habit. One of the first things taught in concealed carry classes is that only irresponsible gun owners go around broadcasting to the general public the fact that they are carrying a concealed weapon. It kind of defeats the idea of a concealed weapon, doesn’t it?

    Of course, I can also understand she is trying to overcompensate for her questionable record on tax increases by brandishing her more conservative stances on other issues to distract from her record on taxes. From what I have seen, she supported raising the gas tax, raising taxes on cell phones, and imposing taxes on internet sales…all in her first term in the Iowa Senate.

    I like Senator Ernst and think she is solid on those issues she is discussing. But on those issues she is really not distinguishable from the other three viable candidates running. She may be conservative when it comes to taxes, too, but her first term in the Iowa Senate makes me wonder.

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