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(Orlando, FL) The Common Core State Standards was not an announced topic at American for Prosperity Foundation’s RightOnline Conference and Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando, but it did come up.  Michelle Malkin mentioned it in her speech on Friday night during a joint session.  Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott was actually heckled on Friday afternoon during his speech become of his support for it.  Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was praised by conservative activists for his opposition of the Common Core even though he found himself being booed because of his position on immigration reform.

When Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) mentioned Common Core loud boos sounded throughout the room during the ending session.  Cruz, who has stated opposition to the Common Core, said that “the President and Congress need to listen to the people on Common Core.”

Saturday afternoon, Michelle Malkin, a conservative syndicated columnist and Fox News Contributor, warned that Governor Scott and other Republican governors need to listen to the people.

“Listen to the grassroots.  Don’t make the mistake of dismissing voices of all of these entirely dissatisfied parents who are heck of a lot more informed than you are and your staffs are about the Fed Ed corruption,”  Malkin told Caffeinated Thoughts.  “I understand that a lot of these Republicans think they are doing what is in their self interest, but they are so psychologically deluded.  I think in part it may as crass and craven as listening to donors.  You have got all of these big businesses… that’s what driving this.  So if they are listening to money then the only way to combat that is with political force.”

Watch the entire video below:

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