What happens in the next few years will determine our nation’s and our state’s destiny. We are at a crossroads. Some say we took a wrong turn a long time ago, but I still believe we can make a change for the better.

I am running on 3 points, 1) ObamaCare – SD version; 2)CommonCore – the ObamaCare for Education; and 3) Natural resources for economic development.

Today the topic is ObamaCare. It didn’t just appear. It has been in the works for several years. One of the main architects of ObamaCare was our own Tom Daschle. In fact he writes about it in a couple of book. One in particular is "Getting It Done" where on page 271 he says that this new law is "the most ambitious SOCIAL change out government has ever attempted." So it’s not about healthcare.

Another quote from the book is telling…"The Federal government will make our lives better. Millions of Americans will depend on Federal Bureaucrats to do it." I’m not convinced. Having been around the medical world since I was 17, I have a great love for doctors and nurses….I have my reservations of those who wish to use this industry as their personal money tree…and those are the ones pushing all aspects of ObamaCare.

South Dakota had to lay the tracks in order for this new social health program pull into our station….and that is exactly what South Dakota has done. Keep reading.

In 2007, the Executive branch of SD had a few department bills to jump start ObamaCare (granted, it wasn’t called that back then). House Bills 1169 and 1166, and Senate bills 133 and 131, were brought by the Governor’s departments which wanted an

1) Individual Mandate. That’s right, what we joined a law suit to stop. It was cover, not conviction. The lawsuit cost us $1600 the last I saw and we got several million to keep implementing this reform. They wanted every person in SD to fork over all their financial information so they could tell you how much you needed to pay for insurance. It was called your Financial Responsibility Standard.

2) State Healthcare EXCHANGE. After you were to be forced to buy Health insurance, this is where all your personal health and financial information would be stored. But it needed massive Health Information Technology to fuel it, like gas powers a car.

When those bills failed, HB1169 was hoghoused into the Zaniya Project where everything that was just killed was studied and "important reform" was put into policy rather than law…but you all know policy carries the same weight as law. The Zaniya Task force was introduced by the then Governor as such, "this is a commitment, not an exercise in theory." The chairman, who brought the 22 proposals to the first meeting, including an individual mandate, was the then Lt Governor, and current Governor.

On thing the Stimulus Bill gave South Dakota was money for Health Information Technology. which is good if left solely controlled by you and your doctor…but as soon as your doctor enters anything in an electronic medical record…it belongs to the government.

This is incredibly invasive…this data bank wants to know your religion, voting registration, wants access to your financial account, as well as medical records. We had to get rid of privacy laws for this to be accomplished…I don’t know how that happened but we have an Exchange created by our own SD quasi-government task forces. Note: SD is "light years ahead of any other state in the nation" according to our own Dept of Health in data gathering, and disseminating our personal information.

Since 2007, we have been setting up a HealthCare Marketplace (another word for HealthCare Exchange) piece by piece.

I want to stop it. Having researched it for several years, I know how SD can change courses and protect you from what is coming.

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