I once heard Alistair Begg say something along the lines of how our culture will tolerate nearly anything, but there were two things that would not be tolerated: You cannot make exclusive claims to truth about God, and you cannot make exclusive claims to truth about human sexuality. Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson did both, and now he’s in trouble.


These are sad days. And they came upon us awfully quickly.


  1. I am for gay rights but I am also for freedom of speech. This was an over-reaction on the part of the network.

    1. Phil and the entire Robertson family have been up-front about their faith from Day One, and told A&E that they wouldn’t compromise on that. I agree, the network shouldn’t have been surprised. I’m saddened & outraged that A&E would respond so quickly to a an outspoken group much smaller than the record size of the viewership of the show. I imagine the show will lose some viewers because of Phil’s interview, but it may gain some, too. There are a lot of people in this country who respect and want to see more of people who have a spine and speak up for what they believe.

  2. God has already made exclusive claims to truth about himself and about his creation; and it doesn’t matter what anyone says to the contrary his truth is eternal, their imaginations are less than puffs of hot air. God’s claims to truth about human sexuality originate from the fact that in the beginning God created Adam male and female. So, he basically knows all there is to know about Himself and about the sexuality of his creation; and only a fool would argue against Him.

    Since when are Christians (or anybody) discouraged from giving their personal testimony of their personal experience of their own lives? Since when does freedom of speech not include the freedom to reveal how a person feels about himself and others? If Phil Robertson felt like he was “white trash” and that he fit right in with the black people working with him, how is that an offense against the truth? It is not an offense against the truth. It is a revelation of the truth of how he felt in the world in which he lived. Man was created to live in a perfect world, denial of the imperfections of our world will not correct the imperfections.

    In God’s eyes, they were all the crowning achievement of his creation. They were all created in his image. They were each created a living soul and God had breathed the breath of life into them, yet because of sin, they felt less than they were.

    The words, thoughts, beliefs, and imaginations of the hearts of the people under the oppression of the spirit that drove (and appears to drive even today) the master/slave hierarchy of imagined power and authority works in ignorance, in stubbornness and in rebellion against God and against his word. But, it will not be overcome by refusing to acknowledge the truth of the conditions of a culture ruled by its influences. God gave us his word so that we may temper our imaginations by the authority of his word, his wisdom, his understanding, his counsel and his might. Hate evil and flee from malice and bitter envy against thy neighbor. Flee from those who bear false witness against thy neighbor and against the word of God’s testimony of himself. Know the truth and let the truth set you free from holding malice and bitter envy against God, against thy neighbor and against thine own soul created in the image of God.

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