Women gathering in Washington. PC: Newsday/Alejandra Villa

Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of men and women were protesting. They protested the Inauguration of President Donald Trump upon the premise of sexism, degradation of women, and the refusal to empower women. They say that they are representatives of all women, and that they represent what we want.

Yet, these people don’t represent me. Not in the slightest.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘feminism’ as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.”

It is the premise that men and women have been created as equals, and that they should be able to have the same opportunities, income, and open doors in life. I would consider myself a classic feminist; I would have been one of the suffragettes fighting for the right to vote if I was born in that era.

To truly be a feminist, you have to not only support equality between men and women (and not the degradation of one sex in order to boost the other), but support empowered women everywhere, regardless of ideological differences. You don’t have to agree with someone that believes completely different things than you do, but you do need to let them be heard and support the fact that they’re exercising their freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. You also must acknowledge that there is legislation that protects you, and work on the enforcement of such legislation as an independent person, not one who relies on the government for everything.

Yet, the men and women that represented the Women’s March on Washington cannot truly call themselves ‘feminists’. They are representative of a distorted, radical, left wing, third wave of the movement, which has completely deteriorated the intent of original feminists. This false version of feminism is twisted, hateful, and hypocritical.

What happened to being supportive of all women everywhere? For example, the group New Wave Feminists, a Texas-based organization comprised of pro-life women opposing Trump’s election, was barred from joining in the march as sponsors this weekend. The reason was simply that they don’t support the legality of being able to kill a child on demand (which, by the way, is not the woman’s ‘right’-the child has a right to live).

Apparently, feminism cannot be diverse whatsoever.

As another example, one of the organizers of the event is a lady named Linda Sarsour, the head of the Arab American Association of New York. She was recently spotted cuddling up to several people associated with the terror group Hamas, including Salah Sarsour, a former Hamas operative. Hamas supports Sharia law, which violates women’s rights. It reduces women to property.

Yes, it sounds like this organizer is VERY pro-woman.

These people aren’t marching on behalf of feminism; they’re marching to achieve their own political agenda. I didn’t vote for President Trump, but I can guarantee that as a pro-life, conservative woman, I wouldn’t be welcome to join. The only thing being accomplished over the weekend was a leftist temper tantrum.

The first feminists in this country would be dismayed at last weekend’s display. They would enjoy the tactics but be disturbed by the message that apparently, women require government assistance to function and that diversity of thought is a bad thing. To all those who participated in the march in Washington and the smaller marches across the country: Shame on you for destroying the true nature and intent of feminism and for banishing diverse thought and reason from your activism.

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