iowa-caucusTonight in Pleasant Hill 1 I submitted planks from Iowa for Local Control, Iowa Right to Life, The FAMiLY Leader (minus their Common Core planks since I did Iowa for Local Control), and Iowans for Tax Relief.  I also am back on the Polk County Republican Central Committee after a two-year hiatus. 

I haven’t done an open thread in quite some time.  So let me ask you:

  • Anything stand out in your caucus?
  • Did any candidate visit or did you have somebody speak on their behalf?
  • Was their any candidate missing their nomination petition paperwork?
  • How involved was the Branstad/Reynolds campaign in your caucus?
  • Any evidence of liberty folks?

Mine was rather uneventful (Pleasant Hill & some East Des Moines precincts).  We just submitted planks to be hashed out by the county platform committee.  No candidate or candidate representative spoke.  The only thing I would really deem odd was that my precinct temp chair had no idea how he was named temp chair.  He isn’t on the Polk County GOP Central Committee and didn’t sign up for anything.  He thought it was strange too, but he did fine and we made him the permanent chair.

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  1. Shane, I was unaware of the caucus tonight until 4 pm when your email was staring at me. Being from the South, the caucus process is foreign and intimidating to me. I had only participated during presidential elections before tonight. But your email was staring at me. So I went. I started out at the wrong table, which was sad since the lone gentleman from Altoona 5 had been excited upon my arrival (I wondered why). I had no idea what I was doing, but the 8 people from my precinct were warm and gracious. And they gave a “thumbs up” when I proposed the “Stop Common Core” planks. Thanks for whetting my appetite. I’ll be back.

  2. I found my caucus (thanks to you). Our precinct was largest representation of several there. I was able to introduce “Stop Common Core,” and stop UNCRC planks. I’ll be serving as delegate to county and hopefully engaged in platform at county, district, and state levels.

  3. We
    passed the Tom Hoefling/Tom Shaw Unity Platform intact out of our precinct,
    Union Township, Calhoun County, Iowa tonight. It was unanimous. At least one other precinct that I’m aware of did the same. Have some reports of the same from a number of other counties so far. Politics belongs to those who show up.

    This is it:

    As Iowa Republicans we hereby declare our unity in firm support of these non-negotiable principles and purposes:

    • We’re one nation under God, and our rights come from God, not men.

    • The first sworn duty of every officer of government is to equally
    protect every individual person’s God-given, unalienable rights to life,
    liberty, and private property, from creation to natural death.

    • The God-ordained institution of one man-one woman marriage must be preserved.

    • The right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed.

    • Our national sovereignty, security, and borders must be defended.

    • Our republican form of representative self-government must be upheld.

    • The sacred oath of office to support and defend our Constitution must be fulfilled.

    In order to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our
    Posterity, we strongly urge our fellow Iowans, and all Americans, to
    make this platform their own, and to henceforth hold all political
    leaders, regardless of party, strictly accountable to it.

  4. I went to my first caucus tonight, not really knowing what to expect. We (Ankeny) had Governor Branstad speak before I arrived as well as others. I, along with another gentlemen introduced Stopping Common Core as one plank. Your platform paper was very useful. I also introduced two other planks: term limits at the federal level and a balanced budget amendment. Was a good event.

  5. Turnout was small. I was elected as chair of my precinct, as well as delegate and central committee member. Several amendments — pro-Life, pro-Marriage, pro-Family, pro ‘2nd Amendment’ and anti-common core — were passed unanimously. The consensus was neither pro-establishment nor libertarian, but rather values voters. By acclamation, we approved everyone who attended the precinct caucus as delegates to the County Convention, plus several who were not present.

    1. You are Jasper County right? I know there is a lot of talk that we had a liberty movement takeover, but only 7 of the current 18 state central committee members caucused for Ron Paul in 2012. It’s really a coalition of evangelicals (values voters) and the liberty wing that has the majority.

      1. Yes, I’m in Jasper County, Des Moines Township, ie, Prairie City. One speaker said: I’m all for a balanced budget and lower taxes, but if we don’t take a stand on the social issues, What’s the point?

  6. Really glad I drove back 2 hours for ours. Did run into a Liberty guy who told me he disagreed with me that delegates should represent the state vs. their own interests. He said so you think we should just vote for any Republican. I wish I could have had the time to answer that it isn’t just any Republican when the majority of our state caucus votes have been for that individual.

    Do have to say that I was amazed to hear my husband offer to be on the Central Committee. Maybe my dreams or should I call them nightmares are wearing off on him. I was elected a delegate and definitely will go to county, district and state convention, but can’t go to our county Central Committee meetings.
    btw, it was a joy to hear hub present a plank and get unanimous support- he’s so good at handling tough issues with a pleasant demeanor.

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