I’ve tried to be transparent about my working relationship with the Republican Party of Iowa.  For little more than a year I’ve run their social media and website.  At the beginning of this year I was just responsible for managing their social media.  I wasn’t the only one who would tweet or post things on their Facebook page, but I did the lion’s share.  Last night, I posted an image on their Facebook page.  Within an a 1/2 hour of it being live I received a text from A.J. Spiker as he was receiving blowback from the media over the post.


I wrote accompanying the post above “Because it’s Friday night and we don’t need serious political posts on Friday night we are sharing this.  Happy Friday and LIKE and SHARE!  Unless you think the chart is racist, then don’t.”

It was an attempt at humor which perhaps would have been ok for my personal page, but not for the Republican Party of Iowa.  My intent was to make light of how the race card is often played in American politics, regardless of my intent it was inappropriate.  It was an error in judgment, one I deeply regret, and take full responsibility for.  I apologize to those whom I offended, as well as, to Iowa Republicans.  This is not the message we need to send.  It is distracting to our mission of electing Republicans.  I also would like to publicly apologize to A.J. Spiker for the problems this has caused him.

I did not mean to cause offense or to be disrespectful, and again I am truly sorry.

I have had the opportunity to talk with my kids in terms of how important it is to be careful about what we post on social media and to use this example of what not to do.  Granted mistakes most people make won’t cause a media firestorm, but they can carry negative consequences regardless.

As of this morning my working relationship with the Republican Party of Iowa has ended.  I completely understand their decision and  I wish them all the best.

Update 1/26/14 5:39p: Comments have been closed as they were getting out of hand by people who could not follow a simple comment policy.  No personal attacks.  No vulgarity.  Stay on topic.  It seems as though some folks don’t know how to leave a comment without personally attacking the person they are replying to in the comment or attacking me.  This is my website, I pay the bills here.  I don’t have to put up with it.

Update 2/4/14 6:23p: FYI, comments were not taken down due to disagreement.  We switched our comment system from Disqus to Facebook comments so older comments no longer show up on every article.  Unfortunately there is no way, that I am aware of, to import comments.  If that is incorrect, please let me know.  We did make this switch to help foster a more civil dialogue as anonymous comments will no longer be allowed.

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  1. Nothing wrong with this. It highlights the hypocrisy of the race card, and blinds people from real racism.

  2. I didn’t see anything negative in the post. I thought that it showed how the race card is always played, especially with Obama’s whining of it this last week or so. Too bad people didn’t see the tongue-in-cheekiness of it. You are still an upstanding and respected conservative in my book.

    1. That’s exactly the problem Deb. The right seems to think that unless you go around screaming the N word and burning crosses, you’re not racist.

      Look at this chart, it generalizes all non whites by saying they are not racist. The irony of course is saying something like that is you guessed it, racist.

      It’s the same thing as when those say ‘I can’t be racist some of my friends are black, hey everyone, look at me with this black guy!”

    2. what about the religion card? I know of no group in this country that screams and whines louder than the religious right.

  3. This isn’t a real apology. There’s a reason why most people think it is not appropriate for the Republican party of Iowa, and that’s because it makes the Republican party look like racists. If it were only on your personal page, it would simply make YOU look like a racist. You never apologized for the content of the joke, only for where you posted it.

    1. Looking at your facebook page where you’re actually making weak excuses for the post, and your pals are gay bashing, obviously you’re lying when you try to claim any regret other than getting called out for it.

      You sir in fact spit in the face of Jesus Christ, your religion is pride and vanity

  4. I intend on making a flowchart based on this as well, it’ll go something like this: Is Someone A Thug? Are they Black? Choose No then they are not a thug, Choose Yes, then do you like them? If yes then they are not a thug. Choose no then they are a thug. Same thing!

  5. Shame on you Mr. Shane Vander Hart for not being able to see how inappropriate this “joke” was in the first place. Racism is when you make presumptions about an entire race of people based solely on their race. That is exactly what this joke is doing about minorities that claim they have experienced racism. You are doing a disservice to your children by merely warning them not to say racist things in public where other people can hear them; you should instead think about how to teach your children to understand the context of other people’s lives and experiences.

  6. It was a totally fine post! Idiots like Obama who plays the race card every time he opens his Kenyan Muslim mouth should be called out and better yet, sent back to Kenya where he can starve to death! Political correctness has invaded the Iowa GOP which has become hardly distinguishable from the Democratic party. What a shame.

      1. Snakeguy, You would have more interesting intellectual discourse with a brick wall than someone who could support a Palin presidency…

    1. Some folks aren’t that bright. Some folks buy into the conspiracy theories. Some folks believe in Chemtrails, too.
      But it’s good to see Orly Taitz posting on a local blog, even if she’s posting as PalinPrez.

    2. You mean the Iowa GOP has stopped endorsing racism so now they are hardly distinguishable from the Democratic party? Your blatantly racist post is a perfect reflection of the tea party and explains exactly why, as long as the tea party is accepted as part of the GOP, the GOP will never win a national election.

      1. The GOP has won national elections. And, national elections are now all about racism? You Lefties have been used, and you don’t even know it.

  7. I can’t believe THIS is controversial. Seriously, if you think this is controversial, then you have to be either overly sensitive or downright racist yourself. There are REAL problems in the world that need your attention, people. Get over yourselves.

  8. The right loves the ‘race card’ card.

    It lets you just be openly racist, and then claim that anyone calling you out on it is just playing the ‘race card’. Utter nonsense. Americans in general (and the radical right in particular) are still a deeply racist group. To deny this is to deny reality. Which is, frankly, what Republicans specialize in.

  9. Really all the controversy could have been avoided by replacing the word “white” with “Republican.” With that simple edit it would have been a completely valid flowchart.

  10. Thank you for sticking your neck out to let people know who posted that graphic. I also appreciate how you allow comments that are obviously from people who haven’t read your website until now. It says a lot that the negative comments are from users who chose not to use their real name to represent their comment.
    I appreciate your work for Conservatives and will continue to follow your blog and re-post your stories.

  11. It was a solid post. Maybe it’s not ~that~ funny, but amusing enough … maybe some people do not care for it …those people either don’t like flowcharts OR they have a barb-wired corncob shoved up their ass and they are just a bit sensitive … it was a solid post for a Friday evening. Perfectly OK!

    The problem is not with your post … and you probably know that already … and you are just being gracious and courteous. The problem is with the Iowa GOP.

    Perhaps it’s because the Iowa has become increasingly irrelevant and does not like what Conservatives are saying and the leadership just wants the comfort of pandering to an echo chamber constituency … perhaps it’s as simple as the fact that Iowa GOP has run out of money and needs to use every lame excuse that it can imagine to shed commitments while it does everything possible to minimize expense.

    Your post is solid. The problem is not with your post … the problem is with the Iowa GOP.

  12. The sad manifestation emanating from this post is that the reaction of the lefties turned the words in the post from humor to fact. Had this been posted on a left-leaning website, it would have been taken in the humorous light of exposing left-wing intolerance it was originally meant to display.

  13. so you’re the one who has been deleting posts on their Facebook page. Censorship is a tool of the weak and cowardly.

    1. Yep. Agreed.
      I used to be a poultry farmer. Mucked out a lot of hen houses. I know my chicken manure.
      Ah, that smell!

    2. Actually I deleted very few Facebook comments. The ones I deleted were typically using profanity or were vulgar. That said I really didn’t go police through the comments that much. Also there are four people who are Facebook administrators for that page (well now three).

      Anonymity is a tool of the weak and cowardly as well.

      1. I find it interesting that the four people who gave this a thumbs up are logged in as guests.

      2. How long did it take you to make that flow chart? What was in your mind as you made it? Like, were you thinking about how this flow chart might make others that are different from you feel or did that not even enter your mind?

  14. I’ll make a chart, to tell if your a religious hypocrite:

    Do you constantly whine about things that the Lord Jesus Christ never uttered a word about? If yes, you’re a religious hypocrite.

    Do you demand things as religious rights that the Lord never advocated at all? If yes, you’re a religious hypocrite.

    Are you always whining about the imagined sins of others while ignoring your own? if yes, your a religious hypocrite.

    Do you believe you have the right to force your religious beliefs on others regardless of their own beliefs?
    If yes, you’re a religious hypocrite and an Iowa republican.

  15. That’s cute, Shane. I’m guessing you’re the guy who blocked me from posting on the IowaGOP page for comments after your own folks attacked me personally on many occasions. Generally I’m a moderate Dem, and while I don’t support many of the planks the GOP runs on, I at least respect those who engage in the process. Ad hominems are your party’s stock-in-trade, but because I responded a time or two to the haters in your crew you decided to block me. You didn’t block your own haters, just a guy who was calling them on their hooey.
    Many of your posts were in poor taste, and this was no exception. I’m calling you out for the hypocrite you are.
    Live by the sword, die by the sword.
    Don’t worry, though…I’m sure the Klan or their ilk would be more than happy to hire a like-minded individual such as yourself to run their social media outreach. Best of luck with that. White Power, buddy!

    1. Shane and his ilk are the kind to assume that anyone who disagrees with them must be a liberal democrat.

  16. By the way Shane, if you’re a Christian, then why are you displaying ads for scams and such on your page for revenue? Are you that desperate for money? I especially like the one advertising cheap online divorces.

  17. Disagreement with me is fine, personal attacks are not. In keeping with our new comment policy in April a couple of folks have had their comments deleted and they have been banned.

    Here is the comment policy –

    Now if you make a comment with a link that automatically gets thrown into moderation. That is how I’ve set up my Disqus settings to filter out potential spam. I do go through those and if they fit the comment policy approve them. I don’t check that often so it could be awhile, but don’t think I just deleted your comment. If your comment is not a personal attack, if it doesn’t use profanity and if it is on topic then it will be approved (or left alone if it is already up).

  18. The Party needs to quit trying to get their Republican Party leaders to quit making stupid, intolerant, racist, anti minority and woman comments. It’s like playing Whack a Mole. You hit one stupid Party leader on the head and another immediately pops up. Trying to get these clowns to quit being stupid is a fools errand, it’s who they are

  19. This
    past weekend – The Republican Party of Iowa posted a flow chart on its
    Facebook page that made light of racism in politics in America. Needless
    to say, the post was deleted. The RPI apologized, political media had a
    frenzy, the consultant who posted it was fired, and the post made #1
    trending topic on Facebook Saturday night.
    When I dug deeper, I found out the
    consultant who made the post – sadly, is a Pastor.
    And it made me think,
    why do we as Christians do this?!
    Do we realize that the culture is
    That are words and actions have weight?!
    Do we treat everyone
    with compassion like our Lord or do we see things through a political lens
    while clinging somewhat to our Faith??
    I think things like this are
    teachable moments that show us why Jesus refused to allow the
    Israelites to make him their Political King……and why He also called
    out those like Caiaphas who were
    religious & thought they were close to God and doing his work, but
    who tried to use their religious political weight to sway political
    power (Herod & Pilate).
    We do our CHRISTIAN testimony a
    disservice when we try to wrap the Bible around a political ideology
    like the religious right in various forms has done for the last 35
    years……who cares about the Conservative Cause?!
    Do we
    (as Christians) fight and make noise for the Gospel in this culture as
    much as we watch Fox News, listen to Steve Deace or Rush Limbaugh,
    vote for the GOP, fight against abortion, and stand against gay
    The answer is no – and that is where the problem lies.
    As the great prophet and sage of our time Steve Deace once said on WHO Radio, “The problem does NOT lie with them. No, it lies… lies within ourselves.”
    we citizens of Heaven bought and paid for with a tremedous price
    fighting for Kingdom advancement by preaching a Gospel of Peace?
    are we more so citizens of America bought and paid for by the blood of
    patriots past who are fighting for our Constitutional Rights??
    have we glossed over the words of Paul to Timothy when he said, “No
    soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please
    the one who enlisted him.”
    What defines us more – the Gospel or the Constitution??
    Which one has more eternal impact??
    a question I’ve been wrestling with for the last 18 months……I
    wanna be the former rather than the latter.
    I’d rather be known for
    what I stand for rather than what I stand against.
    rather speak & write life-giving words and not life-taking words –
    there is tremendous truth in these proverbs – “The power of life and
    death are in the tongue…” and “As a man thinks in his heart, so is
    We post on Facebook & Blog about where the culture is going wrong…..but we do little to pray for it, or engage within it and by the Power of our Savior bring about changed lives for the better.
    Why am I passionate about this?!
    Because that who is who I used to
    be, and Praise the Lord – I no longer live there…..and that’s the way
    I want it!!!

  20. Wow. You’re charged with teaching people how to be caring, engaged, ethical members of society? Unbelievable.

  21. Thanks for ‘manning’ up Shane. A person of less character would have been quiet, silently hoping things die down, that the finger pointing goes away with no need for an apology.

  22. The chart is completely accurate. The Republican party (are they the carpet baggers or scallywags?) Anyway, they are run by RINOs. Most gop, tea and 912 groups are full of fifth column infiltraitors Spain was and France prior to their rein of terrors. This country is on the brink of a communist revolution.

    The criticism here is by operatives, dems and RINOs oh and the ever annoying change maker wno are fordging a new hypersensitive society bracing for civil war based on race so everyone can go further into debt for the central bank.

    Congarts on being a true conservative, a real American and surviving an Alinsky attack. This incident has made you a bigger man in my eyes and proved they were waiting to pounce. If you feel bad see Sarah Palin. She took on the GOP, big oil and enjoyed an 80% approval rate, dems loved her. It was the RINOs who used Alinsky on her and she had to step down.


  23. Shane, if you would repost this trash on your own page after creating a stink on someone else’s – that only proves to me that you only care about page views, not dialogue. Certainly not doing the right thing.

    1. Claire, I reposted it here because I had to show what I was apologizing for. I did not post this graphic on my personal Facebook page.

      Now I’m sure you’re just as disappointed by the Daily Beast reposting it as well right?

      1. No because they were exposing you as a racist while your posting it here is an excuse for an attempt at “humor”.

  24. My grandfather told me of a lynching he came across when he worked as a delivery driver that travelled the Midwest back in the 1920’s. It was not a story he was comfortable to tell but one he thought I should hear. He could not get over the hatred this group had for a man they did not even know a few hours earlier. This was not in the deep south. It was Minnesota. Apparently lynchings were not that uncommon even up until the late 1940’s.

  25. Glad to know you’re bigoted “race card” discussion would have been fine among you’re own circle of bigots, but that you need to keep it under wraps when you are talking about going to a public political level. LOL at your firm and your ministry if it preaches this kind of prejudice.

  26. I thought it an innocent joke. Not very funny, but not meant to harm. We are way too PC in this country today. If you were a racist, you most likely would have known better than to print it.

    1. Racists often don’t know that they are racist. You have to teach them that they are,racist!

      1. Oh, so you are telling me you don’t know what you are talking about, but that won’t stop you.

  27. This “apology” only shows that you don’t even understand what you’ve done. Are you using your flowchart to understand what is racist about your behavior?

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